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Dance Styles Index: C

Streetswings Dance History Archives lists Dance Styles / Types that start with the letter C. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.   Also See: Dancers Index Listings: 'C'

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Dance Name Origin Notes|Creator See Also Date
Cabbage Patch, the USA n/a Peewee Dance | Running Man | Safety dance | Centipede | Electric Slide 1980's
Cachucha Cuba Manuel Garcia. Considered a Spanish dance. Made popular by Fanny Essler (Ballet 1836: Le Diable boiteux). Celeste Keppler Andalusan | Tango | Spanish | Sevillina | Bolero | Fandango 1803
Cactus, the n/a Ragtime Dance n/a 1913
Cadet Waltz, The n/a L.W. Vigay n/a 1880's
Cadiz, El Spateo de n/a Fanny Essler Cachucha | Tarantella n/a
Cajun Dances n/a coming Soon! Creole | New Orleans | Africa | France | Two Step | Polka | Waltz n/a
Cakewalk Florida African-American Slaves | Seminole Indians. Ragtime | Marches | Williams & Walker | Chalk Line Walk 1850-1920
Calata Italy aka: Calate | Calado Calate | Minuet | Piva | Spanish 1425
Calenda West Indies? aka: Calinda. Chica | Bamboula | Counjaille | Ring | Circle Dance | Cotillion 1700's
Calypso Trinidad n/a Chalypso | Samba | Carioca | Bossa Nova | Pachanga 1930's?
Camel Glide Indianapolis Frank Levay | Errol Mush Rush | Ernest Gilberti | Jaqueline Beal (at the Indiana Ballroom Graceful Smooth Dance with some Waltz Highlights. 1928
Camel Walk USA aka: Collegiate Walk Stroll | Twist | animal 1920?
Can-Can, the Paris, France Chicard Triori | March | Sardana | Polka | Quadrille | Black Crook | Chahut 1822-1900
Cancan Eccentric France La princesse de Mogador, at the Bal Mabille | Bal Montesquieu | Bal de la Citb dantin | Bal Valentino. Cancan | Apache | Chahut 1846
Canaries Canaries Islands Diego pisador? Galliard | Courante | Bouffons | Mime | Jota | Schuhplatter | Proti-Sobe | Court dance 1552
Cancun n/a National Dance? n/a 1800's?
Canteen Canter USA Basically just a Polka Yankee Rag 1918
Canter, the USA Dance Masters of America refined the Horse-trot and called it the Canter. Has similarities to a Lame Duck. Horse-Trot | One Step | Canter | Lame Duck 1914
Canter Waltz New York Mouvet & Walton (Walking Waltz or One Step to Waltz Music) Waltz | Chez' Maurice | One Step 1914
Cape n/a n/a n/a n/a
Capoiera Brazil/ Portugal Martial arts type dance | Developed by slaves for defense. Film: Capoeira of Brazil (1980) War | Sword | Sabre | Ciranda | Samba n/a
Carretas, las n/a Prof. C. Victor Zebley Tango 1913
Cariaco Cuba? n/a n/a n/a
Cariñosa Philippines National Dance. Usually done with a Scarf or Handkerchief. Somewhat Romantic and Flirtatious in nature. Tinikling | Scarf Dance | Handkerchief Dance | Romantic Dance n/a
Carimbo' Para, Brazil n/a Circle Dance | Samba | Latin Dance n/a
Carioca, The Hollywood, Ca. aka: 'The Machichi Dance' | Fanchon and Marco | Made popular by Fred Astaire Samba | Tango | Machichi Dance | Flying Down To Rio 1933
Carioca Tango USA n/a Tango | Carioca 1930's?
Carlowitzka n/a National and fancy dance n/a n/a
Carlton, The USA C.A. Carr Polka 1880's
Carmencita Waltz London? Created by Mme. Emily Jones n/a 1908
Carrica Basque Street dance n/a 1600's?
Caringa Cuba n/a Zapateo n/a
Cascaron Mexico Done with an egg shell filled with cologne | Gilt paper etc. Mitote | Basket of fans ?1800's?
Casino Two-Step London? Created by Mme. H.R. Johnson 6/8 time | Round dance 1908
Casket Glide St. Louis Columbia Hall - by Louis Selz and Vincent Kemp Official Pallbearer's Dance 1912/2/14
Cassarella, La St. Louis Mathias J. Koncen Polka 1883
Castanets Dance n/a n/a Spanish | Flamenco | Fandango | Belly Dance n/a
Castle Canter USA AKA: Lame Duck | Vern & Irene Castle Lame Duck | Hesitation | Boston 1913?
Castle Glide New York Albert Newman see: Castle Walk for description 1913
Castle Maxixe USA Vern & Irene Castle see: Castle for video clip | Sheet cover 1914
Castle Rock and Roll New York Irene Castle Lilt of a Polka | Kicking Etc. 1939
Castle Tango New York Vern & Irene Castle Castle House | Argentine Tango 1911
Castle Trot USA Vern & Irene Castle Castle Walk | Fox-trot | Lame Duck 1913
Castle Walk New York Vern & Irene Castle Lame Duck | Tango | Bunny Hug 1912
Castillian Fox-trot n/a n/a Fox-Trot | La Veeda 1920
Cat Dance USA Footlight Parade n/a 1930's
Cat Walk USA? Cautious steps for 4 counts. Then to Left and Right n/a 1921
Cata African? aka: Chacta Bamboula | Chica | Babonille | Chacta 1800's?
Cateretês Spain n/a Samba | Lundu | Batugue | Mesemba | Embolada n/a
Ceilidh ?England? Modern Folk dance Irish | Folk dance | Celtic | English n/a
Cellarius, La Paris, FR. Monsieur Cellarius A Waltz-Mazurka & Polka Mazurka mix 1842
Celtic | The n/a Ralph Warren n/a 1880's
Centipede, the n/a 1980's freestyle fad dance Peewee Dance | Running Man | Safety dance | Cabbage Patch | Electric Slide 1980's
Ce Roc' France (easier, gentler Le Roc) Jive | Rock& Roll | Swing | Le roc 1970's?
Cha-Cha Havana Cuba Enrique Jorrin Mambo | Samba | Rumba | Salsa 1954
Chacola Portugal n/a Baixa | Fado | Mouresca 1500's
Chacona Guatemala Simon Agudo? Sarabande | Gibao | Tordion | Rasta 1560's
Spain or Italy? Jean Baptiste Lully? Chacona | Ciaccono | Chaconne en Rondeau by Francis Couperin | Danse of Seis | Sarabande 1600's
Chacoon Spain? Harlequin dance Chacona | Chaconne | Espagnoles 1600's
Chahut France Risqué́ French dance Cancan | Apache Dance 1800's
Chamberlain, Doin The Munich Gower Champion Goose Step | Neville Chamberlain 1930's
Champagne Waltz USA Arthur Murray Waltz 1934
Champion Strut Los Angeles Marge and Gower Champion Lambeth Walk | Cakewalk | Swing 1954
Chanchamele Afro-Spanish n/a n/a 1600's
Chanticleer dance USA Imitated the actions of the rooster when he is strutting around the hen and making known his desire to cohabit with her. Texas Tommy | Grizzly Bear | Boll Weevel 1910's?
Charanga n/a n/a Rhumba | Cha-Cha | Mambo 1950's?
Charleston, the Charleston, NC ash-Ante people | Ned Wayburn | Elida Webb Le Branle | Black Bottom | Lindy Hop | Shag | King Sailor | Obolo Dance 1866/1905, 1922
Charleston Blues England aka: Charleston Crawl. Santos Cassini (demo with Jean Mance) | British Pathe Charleston | Fox-Trot 1920's
Charleston Flat England aka: Flat Charleston Charleston Crawl | Charleston | Fox-Trot 1920's
Charley Bop USA A re-creation of the Charleston Charleston | Giouba, 1950's
Cheek to Cheek USA Ragtime Dance Texas Tommy | Grizzly Bear | Bunny Hug 1920's
Chestnut tree England? Miss Adele England Spreading Chestnut | Chestnut Tree-1924 1938/11
Chic Walk France? Modified One Step with a Military Air. Triangle One Step | Fox Trot Artistic | Camel Walk | Cat Walk 1921's
Chica, The Africa, Congo Congoes | Nationalized in Antilles | Said to be a Calmer Fandango | Also danced by the Creoles. Fandango | Calenda | Bamboula | Voodon | Rumba | Mambo 1800's?
Chicago, The USA Different style of the Toddle Dance See: Toddle 1910's
Chicken Reel USA n/a Grizzly Bear | Turkey Trot 1906
Chicken Dance, The USA? Chicken Dance Song Fads | Macarena | Bunny Hop 1950's
Chicken Flip Boston, MA Miss Eleonora Sears Basically a Grizzly Bear and Turkey trot mix with a separation of Partners. 1912
Chicken Scratch n/a n/a n/a 1910's
Chicken Switch USA? n/a n/a 1920's?
Chicken Walk New York Debuted at the Ziegfeld Follies (Century Girl) Lame Duck | Fox Trot 1919
Chinese Comique n/a n/a n/a n/a
Chinese Ta-Toa China? n/a Dips | Dipping | Slow 1913
Chorol Dance World Religion Sword Dance | Mooris | Zambra 1400's?
Chorovod Bulgaria Basically a giant Farandole Farandole | Kolo n/a
Cicerenella Italy Modern Tarantella See: Tarantella 1930's
Cifte Telli or Tsifte-Teli Greece n/a Belly Dance n/a
Cincinnati 2-Step Cincinnati, Oh? n/a Fox-trot | Texas Tommy 1915?
Cinnamon Cinder, the California mid 60's Fad dance | Named after TV Show (1963-65) / Nightclubs of same name. | Recorded by the Pastel Six (the Cinders). n/a 1960's
Cinq pas Italy aka: Galliard Romanesca | Galliard | Hautes/Basse | Saltarelli n/a
Cinq-a-Sept n/a n/a Military Glide | Maxixe | Tango | Two Step 1910's
Cinquante-Cinquante New York Mae Murry & Jack Mason Half & Half Variation 1914
Cinquillo Africa n/a La resbalosa | Cocoye n/a
Ciranda Brazil Inspired by Sea Waves | A Trance | Hundreds of people. n/a n/a
Circassian Circle n/a n/a Folk | Contredanses 1850's
Circle, The Harlem Performed in the Darktown Follies in 1913 | Mixture of dances | Done with whole troupe in Line dancing around in a circle. Basically a Serpentine dance. Ballin The Jack | Texas Tommy | Wiggle | Mooche | Grind etc. 1912?
Circle Dance, The Africa Original African dance | related to patiin Juba, The Ring Shout and the Cake walk Juba | Ring Shout n/a
Ciuleandra S. Romania (tumble weed dance) n/a 1900's?
Civa Dance (Dance Of Civa) Germany Occult | Nazi n/a 1920's?
Clifford Trot, the New York Jack Clifford Evelyn Foxtrot (Evelyn Nesbitt) 1914
Clifford Walk New York Jack Clifford Clifford Foxtrot | Nesbitt 1914?
Cloak Dance n/a n/a Skirt Dance 1800's?
Clog Lancashire Celtic Clog | Appalachians Tap | Horn Pipe | Reels | Soft Shoe 1500's?
Cobra Dance USA Cobra Women, the (film) n/a 1944
Cobra Tango New York? Veloz & Yolanda Yolanda Tango | Merry-Go-Round 1938
Cocheco Alaska Alaskan Love Dance n/a n/a
Cock Dance Bavaria n/a Animal Dance n/a
Coconut Dance, The USA Zon-O-phone Concert Band n/a 1907
Cocoyé Haiti traditional Afro-Cuban dance | originally from Haiti | but refined in Dahonma Africa Cucuye | Cocoye Conga | Cinquillo | Contradanza 1800's
Cola Serbianka Serbian ?? ?? n/a
College polka USA Society of professors of Dancing Polka 1885
College Step Waltz USA Russ B. Walker / American Society of Professors of Dancing Waltz 1881's
Collegiate, the USA Fraternity's | Saloons Raccoon Coats | Flapper 1920's
Collegiate Fox trot USA n/a Foxtrot | Shimmy | Glide | Hop | Shag 1920's
Collegiate Glide USA n/a Foxtrot | Shimmy | Glide | Hop | Shag 1920's
Collegiate Shag USA n/a Balboa | Charleston | Lindy | Jitterbug 1930's?
Collegiate Walk USA aka: Camel Walk n/a 1920
Columbia, the USA E.C. Spink n/a 1880's
Columbia Africa? Afro-Cuban Dance | part of a Rumba ... with the Yambú and the guaguanco Rumba n/a
Columbine Waltz n/a n/a Taglioni's | Fanny Essler 1840's?
Combination Polka n/a aka: the Bohemian polka 1880's
Come Back Kid USA Follower is Flung away and Comes Vigorously Back, Spectators yell "Come Back Kid". Texas Tommy | Turkey Trot | Apache 1912
Come To Me Kiddy, the n/a n/a Ragtime Dance 1912's
Come To Me Tommy USA n/a See: Texas Tommy for now! 1912
Conga Line Cuba / Africa Afro-Cuban Tango | Rhumba | Andalusia | Belgian 1930's
Congo Trinidad n/a the Snake Hips dance n/a
Congo Tongo USA Jack Jarrott Swing | One-Step | Breakaway 1910's?
Conje' France aka:le Branle' Branle 1455
Continental, The USA Fred Astaire Gay Divorcée (film) 1934
Contredanses, Les France n/a Court | Country | Versailles 1690-
Contra Dance England See : Contredanses Court | Country | Square | Quadrille 1820
Contradanza Cuba Acquired a French status. Came partly from the French Contredanses with a Cuban influence. Two main types: Santiago and Havana. Contradanse | danzón | Habanera | Danza 1890's?
Coodena Blackpool Created by: Madame Cooze n/a 1924
Coonjaint USA Rhythmic shuffle done by Roustabouts on Riverboats | Later Kids Song/Dance n/a 1800's?
Cootie Tickle, The England aka: Shimmie (Shimmy) Shimmy 1919
Coquette, the n/a A. Perkins n/a 1880's
Corlitza Dance n/a n/a n/a n/a
Cordax n/a Grotesque comedy drinking dance Dythyrámbic dance of the Bacchanals | Bacchus n/a
Cork Screw Twist USA Dance Masters of America Ragtime Dance 1913
Corrente Italy See: Courante n/a 1600-1800's
Cossack Dance Russia? n/a Russian, Male Show Dance | Squats| Kicks| Leaps| Spins n/a
Cotillion West Indies Later refined in France Folk Kotillion | German | Quadrilles 1700-1870
Counjaille Africa? Popular at place Congo - New Orleans Cata | Bamboula | Calinda | Voodoo 1880's?
Court Dances France France | England Pavane | Courante | Bouffons | Mime 1500's?
Courante' France Clemont Marot??? Quadrilles | Court | Branle 1515
Cozatchok Dance Russia Russian male folk dance Trepaka | Russian | Cossack Dance, 1900?
Cracovienne Poland aka: Krakovioc | Krackowiak | Cracovianka Fanny Elssler | Mazurka | Obertas | Krackoviak | Polka 1822
Cramignon Belgium n/a Chain | Farandole | Sword 900
Crap Shooters, the USA Charles Weidman n/a 1919
Crawl, the USA done in film 'This Bitter Earth' with Silvana Mangano and Tony Perkins n/a 1950's
Credo Waltz USA Prof. Oskar Duenweg of Terra Haute A Stately Glide Waltz. In honor of Pres. Roosevelt. aka: Roosevelt Gavotte, 1910
Creep, The USA Stan Kenton Music Heebie Jeebies | The Scratch 1945
Creole, the USA Introduced by Caille Revel for the Dance Masters of America. Pathe News Reel Spanish dance 1931
Crip Walk, the Los Angeles, Ca. Los Angeles Crips gang related. Not really a dance | more of a celebration. Originally a drive-by celebration. Now more a general Party dance due to MTV. Mainly L.A., Detroit, NY, Chicago areas. Apache | Blood Walk | Harlem Shake | Suzy-Q 1970's
Crump Dance n/a a Street form of Hip Hop Hip Hop | Break | Pop | Lock etc. 2000?
Cubanola Glide ? n/a Turkey trot | Grizzly Bear 1909
Cuckoo Veleta London? Created by: Arthur Morris Military Two-Step | Square | Veleta | Territorial 2 Step 1908
Cueca Chili/Bolivia Slow and sensual Handkerchief dance | Can be done as a couple. Folk Dance 1900's?
Cucia USA? A Chicken Dance adopted in Berlin Grizzly Bear | Bunny Hug | Turkey trot 1912's
Cumberland Long 8 n/a Christmas dance n/a 1950's
Cumbe Africa Became popular in Cuba in a cumbancha (feast) n/a n/a
Cumbia San Basilio, Columbia Created by the slaves of South America Kumbia | Mambo | Salsa | fogata | palenque n/a
Cushion Dance England aka: John Sanderson dance Cotillion 1570
Cutting In n/a Tap man on shoulder and get his partner for the dance. aka: (Memphis Tapping Novelty dance) 1920's
Czardas (Csárdás) Hungary Hungary's National Dance Magyar Kor | pa lotás 1800's
Czarin USA? Czarina Waltz - Anna Pavlova & Max Rabinoff Waltz | Polka | Mazurka | Czar | Tsarina 1920's