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Quick Glance Index: Dance Sheet Music Covers
Aeroplane WaltzSLady PompadourS
All Gods Chillun Got Rhythm SLambeth WalkS
Apache Dance - 1SLu Lu Fado, The S
Apache Dance - 2SLucky LindyS
Apple JacksSMambo (6) S
Ballin' The JackSMaurice Mattchich (Maxixe - Maurice & Walton)S
Barn DanceSMaurice Walk (Maurice and Walton)S
Black Bottom DanceSMazurka S
Blanche CallowaySMexican Hat DanceS
Boomps-a-DaisyXMy Cuban Pearl (Castillian Foxtrot)S
Boston Two-StepSOriginal CharlestonS
Brazillian MaxixeSPalladium Flyer (London)S
Bunny Hop, TheSPensicola MoochS
Bunny HugSPersian MaxixeS
Cakewalk SPidgeon WingS
Can Can 1 (Porter)SRio Brazilian Maxixe (Delrio & Luis)S
Can Can 2 (Offenbach)SRueben Foxtrot (1914)S
Champagne WaltzSSabre Dance BoogieS
ChanticleerSSand Dunes Dance (Norma Brandt)S
Chicken ReelSScarf Dance (3)S
Chubby Calls The Twist (Square Dance)SScottish Samba~
Clog DanceSShimmy Like My Sister KateS
Collegiate, the SSilver Fox, the S
Continental, TheSSingin' In The RainS
Coodena, TheSSnake HipsS
Creep, TheSSoft Shoe SongS
Cubanola GlideSSon Of The SheikS
Dancing LadySStompin At The SavoyS
Dime A Dance (1)SStormy WeatherS
Doin' The RacoonXStrut Miss LizzyS
Down Argentine WayPSwingtimeS
El Choclo (Tango) (1)SSyncopationS
Every Body's Doin' It Now (1)STarentelleS
Flat Foot Floogee (1)STennesee Wig Walk S
Footloose Strut (3)SThe Shag!S
Gaby Glide (1)STin Roof BluesS
Galop, The (3)STingle Tangle FoxtrotS
G.I Jive (1)STexas Tommy (Chanticleer)S
Grizzly Bear (7)SToddle (Chicago's Toddlin' Town)S
Harvest Moon Ball (Program's)XTruckin'S
Heebie Jeebie Dance, Do ThatSTurkey In The StrawS
In DahomeySTurkey TrotS
Innovation Waltz (Castles)STwist (1960's) S
Irish TangoSValse MauriceS
Jig Walk  SVeolanda, TheS
Kangaroo Hop (1910s)SYale BluesS
Kitchen Stove Rag (Frisco)SZip Coon, The OldS
La Rumba (Tango)SZoot Suit, AS
La Seduccion (Argentine Tango)S  
La Veeda S  
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