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Poster Artist:



Carol Lombard, George Raft, Sally Rand, Ray Milland, Ann Sheridan

Type of Dance(s):


More info see: Fan Dance, Cuban Bolero,George Raft, Sally Rand
Spanish Bolero, SpanishVeloz and Yolanda


LeRoy Prinz 

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'He rose to fame on a ladder of dancing ladies!'
  • Synopsis: George Raft plays Raoul, an egotistical night club dancer who will stop at nothing to get ahead. His only real friend is his dance partner (Lombard) who breaks up with him to dance with another, however she later ends up falling in love with Raft. Sally Rand also does her famous Fan Dance in this movie as well as Veloz and Yolanda doing the Dance double work for Raft and Lombard. Music used was Ravel's Bolero.
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Bolero (1934)

1934: Bolero featuring George Raft, Carol Lombard, Sally Rand and More
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