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     Angela comes to Hollywood with only two things: Her dream to become a movie star, and Grandpa. She leaves an Aunt, a brother, Grandma, and her longtime boyfriend back in Centerville. Despite seeing major movie stars around every corner, and knocking on every casting office door in town, at the end of her first day she is still unemployed. To her horror, when she arrives back at their hotel, she finds that Grandpa has been cast in a movie by William DeMille and quickly becomes a star during the ensuing weeks.




Paramount Studios
James Cruze
 Hope Drown Douglas Fairbanks
 Cecile B. DeMilleEleanor Lawson
 Charlie ChaplinPola Negri
 Bebe DanielsSid Grauman
 Betty CompsonKing Zany
 Luke Cosgrave William S. Hart
 Fatty ArbuckleGloria Swanson
 George K. Arthur Will Rogers
 Ricardo CortezZasu Pitts
 Ruby Lafayette Mary Pickford
 Harris Gordon Helen Dunbar
 Bess Flowers Nita Naldi
 Theodore Kosloff...and more
 Nita Naldi 
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