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Page D: Vintage Dance History Posters Ephemera Index List D Listings
Streetswing's Dance History Archives!

(Dance Ephemera)
Dance Posters Index: D

Streetswings Dance Posters History Archives lists C. This page lists vintage dance Posters that start with the letter D. from the years 1900 to present. There are thousands of dance information pages on this site ... If not on this list try using the search feature above, It may not be listed here yet.   Also See: Sheet Music Covers Index Listings: 'D'

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Poster Title Type Notes|Who Related To Date
Daddy-O Teenage Delinquents Sandra Giles n/a 1958
Dance Of Life, the Musical Nancy Carrol n/a 1929
Dance To The Music Dance n/a n/a n/a
Dancer Upstairs BalletScenes John Malkovich n/a 2002
Dancin' Musical Theatrical Poster n/a n/a
Dancin' In The Streets Musical Pop Hip-Hop 2005
Dancing Bolero, the Dance Marcelle Lender, Lautrec Latin: Bolero n/a
Dancing Lady Jazz Dance | Tap Dance Joan Crawford Latin: Bolero 1933
Dancing Masters[1] Comedy Laurel and Hardy Dance Scenes 1943
Dancing Masters[2] Comedy Laurel and Hardy Dance Scenes 1943
Dancing Masters[3] Comedy Laurel and Hardy Dance Scenes 1943
Davy Dance Western n/a 1934
Devil's Daughter Blood Dance Nina Mae McKinney n/a 1939
Dirty Dancing Dance Latin: Salsa n/a 1987
Dirty Dancing: Havana Dance Latin: Salsa n/a 2004
Dirtie Gertie from Harlem USA Dance July Jones, Howard Galloway Race Film 1946
Disco Dancin' Disco Dance Disco's n/a n/a
Disco Fever[1] Disco Dances Disco's Hollywood Disco Dancers 1978
Disco Fever[2] Disco Dances Fabian n/a 1978
Dolly Sisters[1] Ragtime Dolly Sisters Portrayed Foxtrot 1945
Dolly Sisters[2] Ragtime Dolly Sisters Portrayed Foxtrot 1945
Don't Knock The Rock [1] Swing West Coast Swing n/a 1956
Don't Knock The Twist [1] English Print) Twist, the Fad: 60's n/a 1962
Don't Knock The Twist [2] Twist, the Fad: 60' n/a 1962
Double Date Music | Dance Fad: 60's Susan Roces 1967
Double Deal Tap Dance Jeni Le Gon Race Film 1939
Doves Retro Pin-Up n/a n/a
Down Argentine Way Swing Dance Latin: Samba n/a 1940
Dream Of The Waltz Waltz Art print n/a n/a
Dreamer, the Dance n/a n/a n/a
Dress Rehersal Dance Jazz Dance | Tap Dance | Swing Race Film 1939
Duke Is Tops, the Tap Dance Jazz Dance Race Film 1938
Dynamite Drama Cecile B. DeMille n/a 1929
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