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    Dancing has changed dramatically throughout its long and sometimes torrid history. What sometimes is considered miled by todays standards was not even a thought in the dancers of a 25, 50, 100, 500 and more years ago. Namely due to the way people can learn, study, practice, examine, research, define, etc. Thru technology which has made many of todays newer star dancers far better than the ones of the past, but for most it has handicapped them.

     However, these past dancers helped shape and form todays dance in ways that can not be denied and dancers were superior in their day as they had to study dance thru skill, desire and sweat alone. Most had no records, Internet, Camera's, You-tube or DVD's 's for many of them. Remember, how you treat the past now is how you will be viewed in the future, honor, respect and preserve what was before you (which IS your past,) in any dance form you are interested in ... as someday, if your lucky, you might be listed here too.

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Actors / Actress that dance noinfo Actors | Actresses
    (Many celebrities were very accomplished dancers and well some were not. This section has some singled out. Most however are in the dancers section below as well as these listed here.)
Dance Contests noinfo Balls | Spectacles
    (This section deals with Balls, Grand Balls, Presidential Balls and Spectacles. It s not complete but has many listed).
Night Clubs and Ballrooms noinfo Ballrooms | Night Clubs
    (This section deals with some info and pictures when available of a Ballroom or Night Club that hosted dancing).
Burlesque Dancers and Info noinfo Burlesque, Strippers, Dances, DVD's, Clips
    Our Burlesque section has many Burlesque dancers and some subsequent info, Videos, Bios, Etcetera. No nudity but does have some Risque' photos for the time period like the one shown here.
Books on Costume Making (not historical) noinfo Costume Books & others on $ale
   (This is not a historical section. But we put it here as many people are looking historically for costume ideas. And by the amount of people who click here, We think you agree).
Dance Contests noinfo Dance Contests
    (Harvest Moon Ball has it's own section below. This section deals with dance contests that we have info on). If you have some to share please do.)
Dance Disasters
noinfo Dance Disasters
    Has some information on many dance disasters and tragedies relating to dance.
Dance and Related Facts noinfo Dance and Related Facts
    This section is only one or two pages and is text only. Deals with stuff like when the Automobile, Saxophone, Piano, Microphone etcetera was invented)
Dance MARATHONS noinfo Dance Marathons
    This Section deals with Dance Marathon Information as well its as Dancers, Locations, Photo's etcetera.
Movies and Films with Dancing noinfo Dance Movies List
    Ahhh, dance Movies are a source of great information on dances gone by, dancers past and present, Costumes, designs, Choreography and so much more. Most are purchasable).
For Swing Dance Films see: Swing Films.
Dance Posters noinfo Posters and Sheet Music Covers!
    I love collecting dance posters when affordable. Plus they are a great historical source of information. Some are available thru All-Posters and others so if I have found them available I have supplied a link).
Dances ! noinfo Dance Styles
    This section deals with all types and styles of Dances. There are Hundreds of dances listed with any information I have on those dances.
Dance Terms

noinfo Dance Terms  

   Historic dance terms (different than today's) while many have changed, some remain the same. Some are Greek and French as well as English. Many dance treatise mention these terms and sometimes we need to look them up.

Dancers (huge list of information) noinfo Dancers / Performers
    The Dancers section has thousands of dancers listed, mainly before 1960 as the newer dancers will come later. Some of these dancers go back to B.C.
Harvest Moon Ball

noinfo Comprehensive List of Harvest Moon Ball Dance Contests 

  The Harvest Moon Ball is listed by each year where I have gathered information. If you have any corrections or printed facts [like a program page, actual person, family member etc] on who won/placed/danced please pass it along for others).

Hellzapoppin ... Play and the film info noinfo Hellzapoppin'
    This Page lists Information on the Play rather than the movie, but it has some info on the movie as well.
Palys and Musicals section

noinfo Information on Plays and Revues 

   that featured Dance Seqments Plays / Musicals Well, this is what it says. This section deals with Broadway type plays and Musicals.

Dance Qoutes

noinfo Dance Quotes

   I have come across! Quotes on Dance We run across these from time to time with information on its origin, etc. so we thought we would write em down (oh and share em too).

Religious Verses (Any Religion) noinfo Religious Verses   dance versus and information from the Bible and other Beliefs! and Religeous dance versus and information from the Bible and other Beliefs! Mythology has many Religious verses related to dance, oh, and Mythology too (think Greek) information on dances and dancers, both real and mythical.
Batte of the Bands.
noinfo Savoy Batte of the Bands. 
What I have on the Battle of the Bands at the Savoy Ballroom! Savoy Battle of Bands Has a little information on this subject, I have been focusing on other parts in this Site for the time being. But more will come sooner or later.
Sheet Music noinfo Dance SHEET MUSIC COVERS
  plus info on obtaining the Sheet Music. If it wasn't for sheet music some of the dances might be myths. These are dance related covers only, and not printed music notations, but have added 'Sheet Music Plus' if your looking for musical notations.
A Quick Glance dance timelines noinfo Dance Timeline: Dances
   This is one long page. Takes about 12 pages to print. These dances are listed by date as well as a few historical time lines inserted to give an idea of the time period. These dates are subject to change as I come across updated information. Dates may not be exact.
Dance Groups / Teams (more than three) noinfo Dance Troupes / Dance Groups
(This Section is one page but links to many others. These are any dance group of three or more. Some are also in the dancers section so try there first).
X-reference Music Titles Listings
noinfo Music Titles List.
Lists for music that uses a dance related term in it's title...example Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, Bop, The Shorty George, etc. Has other terms titles as well.

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