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a Radcliffe president "Whatever you find to do in life, make sure it's something you're passionate about, because you'll be competing against people who are."
Amelia (1796) "Nature gives us limbs and art teaches us to use them" (from the Philidelphia Minerva Mag)
Anna Pavlova "Master technique and then forget about it and be natural."
Anatole Chujoy (1949) "A great art is never a product of any one artist, but the temper of the folk and the times."
Anonymous ABOUT BALANCE: "Crane's stand on one leg, but cannot dance a step."
Anonymous "He that lives in hope, dances without music."
Bob Thaves (Frank & Ernst cartoons) "Sure Fred was great, but don't forget, Ginger did everything he did backwards and... in high heels."
Carlo Blasis "The dancer gradually introduces all that his art comprises."
Cicero "No Sober Person Dances."
Confucius "A Nation's character is typified by its dancers."
Cotillion, the "He's Holding a Candle For You."
Dance Caravan (actually used before) "I don't have an attitude, I'm just REALLY good!"
'Débat de la Demoiselle et de la Bourgeoise' the latter accuses the gentlewoman of late rising, whereupon she replies: "No; but we must spend our evening in dancing, and cannot do as you who go to bed the same time as your hens" (c.1400s?)
Edward Ferrero "On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined."
Edwin Denby "Dance is a bit of insanity that does everybody a great deal of good."
Evaluation of Fred Astaire's very first screen test: "Can't act!. Can't sing!. Balding!. Can dance a little."
Fred Astaire "Dancing is a sweat job"
Friedrich Nietzsche "I would believe only in a God that knows how to dance."
George Balanchine "I don't want people who want to dance, I want people who have to dance."
George Bernard Shaw "Dance, a Vertical expression of a Horizontal desire."
George Carlin "Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music."
Gwen Verdon "Sex in a dance is in the eyes of the beholder."
Jack Cole (Choreographer) "The trouble with choreography is you have to get the person out of the way before you can bring out the dancer."
Jack Cole (Choreographer) "If you're ashamed of this or that emotion, you can't dance. You yourself may not behave a certain way as a person, but when you dance you must bring real emotion to whatever you're doing."
John Milton, L'Allegro "Come, and trip it, as you go, On the light fantastic toe."
Kenny Wetzel (on California class rotation introductions) "Introduce Yourself" ... "You could be dancin' with your future Ex-Husband."
Kitty Foyle (& Christopher Morley) "Dancing is wonderful training for girls, it's the first way you learn to guess what a man is going to do before he does it."
Lady Duff-Gordon (On sinking of the Titanic, a passenger) "It comes as second nature to men to sacrifice themselves, and their women to let them do it."
Liebman "It's better to do an old thing thats good, than a new thing thats bad."
Locke "Nothing appears to me to give children so much confidence, and so to raise them to the conversation of those above their age, as dancing."
M.A. Ham (The Modern Dance) 1916 "There are only two places where indiscriminate hugging is tolerated the brothel and the ballroom."
M.B. Gilbert "The tree of knowledge, blasted by desputes, Produces sapless leaves instead of fruits."
M.B. Gilbert "One cannot become master of an art, without a knowledge of its technique."
Mae West "Come Up and See Me Sometime."
Mae West "I believe in censorship. After all, I made a fortune out of it."
Mario Robau Jr. "Dance is the only sport I know, where a man can touch a woman over most parts of her body, and she thanks you for it afterwords."
Martha Graham "Dance is the hidden language of the soul."
Mata Hari "The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word."
Merce Cunningham "The most essential thing in dance discipline is devotion, the steadfast & willing devotion to the labor that makes the class work not a laborious hour and a half, or even at the lowest level, a daily drudgery, but a devotion that allows the classroom disciplines to become moments of dancing."
Milton "Come, Knit hands and beat the ground, In a light fantastic round."
Moore - "Odes of Anacreon" "Memory wakes her magic trance, And wings me lightly through the dance."
Morrocco "The dancer dies, but does not forget the shaking of his shoulders."
Mrs. Lilly Grove (1907) "A youth who is unskilled in the dance finds little favour with the women."
Myrna Loy "Life, is not a having and a getting, but a being and a becoming."
Nero "Give Me, your Pantomime, No gift could delight me more!."
Nicholas Brothers "We can't do those routines any more; we don't want to, & I'll tell you why - it hurts!"
Ninette de Valois (1918) "The smile is the dance of the face - the dance is the smile of the limbs." (a dance teacher)
Old Persian Proverb "He who danceth not, knoweth not the ways of life."
Only in America ... are there handicap parking places in front of Dance Studios and skating rinks.
Ovid (1878), watching Kate Vaughan "Si vox est, canta; si mollia brachia, salta," (If you have a voice, sing; but if you have good arms, then go in for dancing.)
Perrot & Robert (1845) "Tell me how you do the polka, and I will tell you how you love."
Plato "All well bred men should have mastered the art of singing and dancing."
Plato "In order to be a good soldier it is necessary to know how to dance."
Plato "So the well educated man can learn to sing and dance well."
Pope "They move easiest who have learned to dance."
Ramon Navarro "Better Dancing makes Better Lovers" (Dance Magazine-1930's)
Shakespere - "Much Ado about Nothing" "God match me with a good dancer."
Shakespere - "Much Ado about Nothing" "Hot and hasty, like a Scotch jig."
Shakespere -"Hamlet" "You Jig, you amble, and you lisp."
Sir Francis de Sales "A dance is the devil's procession, and he that entereth into a dance, entereth into his possession."
Solomon - 1000 B.C. "There is a time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance."
St. Chrysostom "Feet were made, not given for dancing, but to walk modestly, not to leap impudently like camels."
Ted Shawn "Dance is the only art of which we ourselves are the stuff of which it is made."
Theodore Roosevelt (apply this to dance contests) "Far better it is, To dare mighty things, To win glorious triumphs, Even though checkered with failure. Than to live in that grey twilight, that knows neither victory Nor defeat."
Theophile Gautier "Art For Art's Sake."
Tully "He is not a sober man that danceth."
Unknown "A wish changes nothing. A decision changes everything."
Unknown "If at first you dont succeed, skydiving is not for you."
Unknown Remember... "Amateurs built the Ark, Professionals built the Titanic." (I luv this one)
Unknown "Work like you dont need the money, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like nobodys looking."
Unknown Magazine Title "Uncle Sambo -- Mad for Mambo."
Unknown Writer "As barbarians are observed to have the strongest passions, so they are also observed to be the most easily affected by sounds, and the most habitually addicted to dancing."
William Arthur Ward “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” (...and a legendary teacher does it all.)
William Butler Yeats "How can we know the dancer from the dance?"
Winston Churchill (on being at a party...) "You're drunk" to which churchill replied "You're ugly. Tomorrow, I'll be sober."
February 17, 2013