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SEE Magazine
Date Name Location Type Article Description About
2/3/1687 New York City Council New York Court Order Dance Citation Citation
5/17/1711 The Spectator (see colliers 1912) n/a Magazine Dangers of Danse Schools - daughter becoming a Whirligig Moral
7/1816 London Time's England Newspaper Ball Ball
1844 New York Herald New York Newspaper Polka Article Polka
3-9-1844 Teatro Universale Italy Magazine Primitive dance Vintage
5/11/1844 Illustrated London News England Magazine First Polka done in England Polka
2/20/1858 Harper's Weekly New York Magazine Ballroom, Jig, Husking Dances Barn
10/13/1860 New York Time New York Newspaper Grand Ball (Prince) Ball
1861 Harper's Weekly New York Magazine Country Dance Barn
3/23/1861 Frank Leslie's Illustrated Washington Newspaper Lincoln Ball Ball
?/1866 Belgravia England Magazine Dance, the Article
10/13/1866 Harper's Weekly New York Magazine Charleston dance Picture, Pretty Caper Charleston
11/23/1867 Harper's Weekly New York Magazine A Parisian Ball Ball
1868 Frank Leslie's Illustrated Washington Newspaper John Allen's Dance House Hall
1/8/1870 Frank Leslie's Illustrated Washington Newspaper Fat Men's Ball Ball
11/26/1870 New York Time's New York Newspaper Dance Article Article
1873 Illustrated London London Magazine Gallop Galop
1886 Police Gazette (National) New York Magazine Revelry Rampant - Dance Orgies? Moral
2/1886 Century Illustrated Magazine n/a Magazine Dance In Place Congo African
5/1889 Century Illustrated Magazine n/a Magazine Samoan Siva Dance Siva
9/14/1889 Frank Leslie's Illustrated Washington Newspaper Hunt Ball at Newport Ball
5/23/1891 Frank Leslie's Illustrated Washington Newspaper Devils Dance of White MT. Apache Devil
9/1892 California Illustrated California Magazine Nautch dancers of India (travel article) Nautch
1893 Billboard Magazine (General Mag Info) Magazine was founded in 1893 Article
5/13/1893 Truth Magazine n/a Magazine Can-Can Article / Cartoons Can Can
12/1893 Munsey's Magazine n/a Magazine Story of the Dance by Margaret Fleming History
7/1894 Harper's Magazine USA Magazine Studio Dance Article
1900 Ladies World New York Magazine Dangers of the Dance Moral
10/4/1902 Mon Journal France Magazine Cakewalk Cake
11/29/1902 Mon Journal France Magazine Cakewalk Cake
1/10/1903 L' Illustration France Magazine New Dance called the Cakewalk Cake
9/26/1903 Saturday Evening Post ?? Magazine Dance at Dutch Pete's Hall
12/15/1904 Feminia Magazine n/a Magazine Valse, Minuet, Ballroom Valse
12/30/1903 Puck Magazine USA Magazine Dance Lesson Discussion Lesson
4/13/1907 Collier's Magazine ?? Magazine Dance, the (Dutch) Dance
1/16/1908 New York Herald USA Newspaper Leading Cotillions Cotillion
1910 Ladies Home Journal ?? Magazine Harry Landis 2-Step, Dance of the Girls 2 Step
1/14/1912 New York Sun USA Newspaper Turkey Trot Ragtime
1/20/1912 Collier's Magazine USA Magazine Barbary Coast Ragtime dances Ragtime
1/21/1912 New York Sun USA Newspaper Turkey Trot Ragtime
1/31/1912 Puck Magazine USA Magazine Ballroom Cartoon - Travels Ballroom
2/4/1912 New Bedford Sunday Standard USA Newspaper Turkey Trot, Grizzly Bear & Other Naughty Diversions Dance
5/11/1912 Collier's Magazine USA Magazine reprint of the Spectator of 1711 - dangers of dancing Moral
1/3/1913 New York Evening Post USA Magazine Dances barred from N.Y. Dance Halls Moral
1/1913 North American Review ?? Magazine Fox-trot Comes Into Fashion, the Foxtrot
1/ & 2/ 1914 San Francisco Chronicle USA Newspaper Home Learning of the latest dances
(Tango, Hesitation, Lame Duck Maxixe)
1/17/1914 Harper's Weekly USA Magazine Where's Your Daughter this afternoon Moral
1/1915 Ladies Home Journal ?? Magazine New Skating Dance Skate
2/1915 Ladies Home Journal ?? Magazine Dance Steps Steps
4/19/1913 Literary Digest USA Magazine Modern Savage dances (N.Y. Sun reprint) African
5/17/1913 Harper's Weekly USA Magazine Turkey Trot Dance
11/1913 Vanity Fair Magazine USA Magazine Dance craze in Paris creates new Gowns, the Article
11/1914 Ladies Home Journal USA Magazine Vernon Castle teaches the Foxtrot (new dances for winter) Foxtrot
1/15/1915 Vogue USA Magazine Dance Saleries (If You Dance...) Lesson
1917 North American Revue ?? Magazine 7-12 Article
11/18/1917 Pittsburgh Post USA Newspaper How To Dance The Jazz (Verdanacouple dance) Jazz
1/1920 Woman's Home Companion USA Magazine Marilyn Miller, Eaton, Jessica Brown, Davis People
5/1920 Ladies Home Journal ?? Magazine May Pole Dance May Pole
7/1921 Cuero Daily Record Cuero Texas Newspaper KKK Bans black dance hall Rental Moral
2/1921 Woman's Illustrated Review Atascadero, CA Mag On with the Dance Moral
12/1921 Photoplay ?? Magazine Irene Castle People
11/1923 Dance Lover's Magazine New York Magazine Is The Marathon Craze Dead, Gilda Gray's Voodoo Dance Marathon
4/15/1923 New York Times New York Newspaper Dancing Marathon - Whirl In 3 Cities Marathon
5/5/1923 Literary Digest ?? Magazine Dance Marathon List Of Winners Marathon
1/1924 Screenland ?? Magazine Rudolph Valintino People
8/1925 Harper's Bazaar New York Magazine Ballet Ballet
8/30/1925 New York Times New York Newspaper Charleston Charleston
4/1926 Theater Magazine New York Magazine Hartman's, Fokine Dancers, Fowler & Tamara People
12/1926 Mentor Magazine ?? Magazine Spirit Of The Dance, the Article
8/1927 Theater Magazine New York Magazine Natacha Rambova, Anna Wong People
2/1928 Youth's Companion ?? Magazine Valentine's Dance Valentine
6/1928 McCalls Magazine ?? Magazine Dancing Towards Beauty Moral
10/1/1928 Spur Magazine - Magazine Dancing & Personality Moral
1/1929 Travel Magazine ?? Magazine Ukrainian Gypsy Devil Dance Devil
11/17/1929 Film Daily New York? Magazine Black and Tan revue Revue
1/10/1930 Havana Magazine Havana, Cuba Magazine Cuban Dancing article Latin
6/1930 Dancing Times ?? Magazine Fowler & Tamara People
3/28/1931 Colliers Magazine ?? Magazine Spanish Dance Spanish
7/1931 Natl. Geographic ?? Magazine Devil Dancers Of China Devil
8/8/1932 Boardwalk Marathon News Atlantic City, NJ Newspaper Marathon News Marathon
9/13/1933 Film Daily ?? ?? A Bundle Of Blues revue Revue
1/1934 Vanity Fair ?? Magazine Buddy & Vilma Ebsen Dance People
6/3/1934 Rocky MT. Newspaper ?? Newspaper Bolero Latin
7/1935 Mademoiselle ?? Magazine Dancing in Harlem Drapery Harlem
10/1935 Vanity Fair ?? Magazine Radio City Music Hall Ballet Dancers Ballet
2/1936 Esquire Magazine ?? Magazine Harlem Dances Harlem
4/1/1936 Film Daily ?? Magazine Black Network revue Revue
5/1936 Saturday Evening Post ?? Magazine Big Dance Article Article
7/1937 Popular Photography ?? Magazine Savoy Ballroom & Dancers Harlem
12/4/1937 Colliers Magazine ?? Magazine Big Apple Dance Big Apple
3/1937 National Geographic ?? Magazine Mex. Indians Flying Pole Dance Latin
5/21/1937 Log Magazine ?? Magazine Ring Dance Ring
6/21/1937 Life Magazine ?? Magazine Rockettes, movie- Day At The Races People
8/3/1937 Life Magazine ?? Magazine Robert & Marianne Rope Dance People
9/9/1937 Film Daily ?? Magazine Barbershop Blues revue Revue
9/13/1937 N.Y. Times ?? Newspaper Thomas Dan Rice - Jim Crow Minstrel
1/4/1938 Look Magazine ?? Magazine How To Dance The Shag Swing
3/1938 Police Gazette ?? Magazine Sally Rand People
4/5/1938 Pic Magazine ?? Magazine Lindy Hop& the Savoy Swing
6/?/1938 Life Magazine ?? Magazine Valentino Tribute (In Casket) People
12/4/1939 Life Magazine ?? Magazine Dancing Calif. CO-Ed- U.C.L.A. Co-Ed
5/1939 Stage Magazine ?? Magazine Bojangles, Cotton Club, Rockettes People
12/4/1939 Life Magzine ?? Magazine Dancing Co-Ed. Cover Co-Ed
12/18/1939 Life Magazine ?? Magazine Mata Hari Scrapbook People
1/13/1940 New York Age ?? Magazine Darktown Strutters Ball Announce Revue
4/1940 Police Gazette ?? Magazine Torrid Dancers Moral
8/1940 Household Mag ?? Magazine Sex Moves Off the Dance Floor - by Merriam Modell Moral
11/1940 Police Gazette ?? Magazine Jitterbug Contest Coverage Swing
11/5/1940 Look Magazine USA Magazine Fred Astaire & Paulette Goddard demonstrate the newest dance step 'DIG IT' in 14 pix. Dance
1/1941 Vogue Magazine ?? Magazine Hoochi Coochi - Recognized form Moral
1/1941 Womans Day USA Magazine Let's Dance Article
5/1941 Click Magazine - Magazine Jitterbug Dance Swing
6/1941 Hit Magazine ?? Magazine French Can-Can Can Can
7/18/1941 Film Daily ?? Magazine Carnival of Rhythm revue Revue
9/22/1941 Life Magazine ?? Magazine Brazil's Top Dancer - Eros Volusian People
10/1941 Motion Picture Magazine ?? Magazine Ginger Rogers, Joan Crawford People
1/19/1942 Life Magazine ?? Magazine Life Goes To A Swing Shift Dance Swing
9/12/1942 Philadelphia Afro-American ?? Magazine Cabin in The Sky revue Revue
12/14/1942 Life Magazine ?? Magazine Gypsy Rose Lee People
2/15/1943 Film Daily ?? Magazine Cabin In The Sky revue Revue
3/14/1944 Life Magazine ?? Magazine Junior Dance Article
1/22/1945 CLife Magazine ?? Magazine Jitterbug Swing
2/8/1945 Life Magazine ?? Magazine Rosario & Antonio - Gypsy Dance People
4/5/1945 Post Magazine ?? Magazine Gandy Dancers, the People
6/25/1945 Life Magazine ?? Magazine Naval Academy Ring Dance Military
8/5/1945 New York Age New York Magazine Caldonia revue Revue
11/17/1945 NY Amsterdam News New York Magazine Big Timers revue Revue
11/19/1945 Life Magazine USA Magazine Pollok -' Bali Dancer' (topless) Burlesque
1/12/1946 New Yorker Magazine New York Magazine Dangerous Dancing (Lifts) Lifts
8/1946 Arts & Architecture ?? Magazine Zoot Suit Riots Swing
8/27/1946 Philadelphia Tribune Philadelphia? Newspaper Navy Boy, What a Girl revue Revue
2/8/1947 New Yorker Magazine New York Magazine Dance Party, the Article
10/1947 True Magazine n/a Magazine Savoy Ballroom Harlem
12/8/1947 Life Magazine USA Magazine 'How to dance under a Bar' Limbo
9/6/1948 Life Magazine USA Magazine 'Spirit of the dance' Arabesque clashes with two grands jetes Ballet
9/14/1948 New York Age New York Magazine? Boarding House Blues revue Revue
10/4/1948 Life Magazine USA Magazine Turkey Mating Dance Moral
11/1949 Night & Day ?? Magazine History of Burlsesk Burlesque
11/28/1949 Life Magazine USA Magazine Nita Bieber People
11/1950 Arizona Highways Arizona Magazine Mexican Hat Dance Latin
11/1950 Uncle Ray's Magazine Madison WI. Magazine Australia's Blackfellows Kangaroo Dance Animal
5/1952 Pix Magazine ?? Magazine Rumba, Jitterbugs, Bubble Dances Swing
1/21/1953 Colliers Magazine ?? Magazine Palladium, the Hall
6/1/1953 Life Magazine ?? Magazine Can-Can Can Can
8/2/1953 Vue Magazine ?? Magazine Dime A Dance Girl Taxi
9/28/1953 Life Magazine - Magazine Rosita Winston & Val Rybar - Dance People
11/30/1953 Life Magazine USA Magazine Kiss Me Kate Revue
12/1953 Our World Magazine USA Magazine Mambo - The New Dance Craze Latin
4/25/1955 Life Magazine USA Magazine Marge & Gower Champion, Polish dancers, John Butler - Ballet People
9/1954?? ?? Magazine Dixie, Swing or Bop Swing
?/1955 Hot Rod Magazine ?? Magazine Hot Rod Hop with Instructions Lesson
1/1955 See Magazine USA Magazine Silvana Mangano in Mambo Latin
11/1955 Home Town Journal ?? Magazine Square Dancing Barn
1/9/1956 Life Magazine USA Magazine Charlie Chaplin's dancing Daughters, Naval dance Military
3/31/1956 V Guide ?? Guide Bob Browns TV Dance Party TV
10/1957 Craze Magazine ?? Magazine New - Haitian Merengue Latin
10/1957 Disney Magazine ?? Magazine Tommy Cole, Dance Article & People
2/1958 Teen Magazine USA Magazine Rock and Roll Dance (Swing) Swing
6/2/1958 Life Magazine - Magazine Van Cliburn Russian Dancers Russian
7/1958 Scamp Magazine USA Magazine Chiquita & Johnson dance team People
1/17/1959 TV Guide - Magazine Arthur Murray NBC Dance Contest Contest
6/1961 Teen Magazine USA Magazine New Dance - The USA Dance
7/1961 Ballroom Dance Mag USA Magazine Pachanga, the Latin
7/17/1961 Newsweek USA Magazine Purest Flamenco - Antonio and his dance People
11/24/1961 Life Magazine ?? Magazine Twist, the Dance
1/6/1962 Suppressed Magazine USA Magazine Are Dance Halls Dens of Iniquity? Moral
3/22/1964 Life Magazine ?? Magazine Disco Dances - Frug, Watusi etc. Dance
12/11/1964 Life Magazine ?? Magazine Radio City Rockettes People
12/15/1964 Look Magazine ?? Magazine Dancing 60's-Twist etc. Dance
6/1968 Jet Magazine USA Magazine 2 whites beat a Black because he asked a white girl to a dance Moral
8/25/1972 Life Magazine ?? Magazine Lindy Hop Pics from 1943 Swing
7/22/1976 Jet Magazine ?? Magazine Cab Calloway People
11/1976 After Dark Magazine ?? Magazine Disco Fever Disco
4/3/1978 Time Magazine ?? Magazine Travolta Disco Fever Disco
6/1978 After Dark Magazine ?? Magazine Bob Fosse's Dance Explosion People
Some of these are articles or pictures I have used in this site. Even if I have not used them, I am still listing them here as you may find them useful. It helps to know dates etc. when you go to the library (or ?), to search for these things. If you know of some others, please let me know so I can add them.
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