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A cross reference for certain events or inventions took place. Sometimes dance treatise or manuals do not give dates but give clues by mentioning an invention or event.





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3 D Film n/a 1922 ?? ??
Airplane, the Ohio 1903 Oriville and Wilbur Wright ??
AM Radio USA 1906 Lee De Forest ??
Automobile (steam) Paris 1769 Nicolas Cugnot also: 1st auto accident
Automobile (Gas) Germany 1885 Karl Benz & Gottleib Daimler (later became
Baroque Era Italy 1600-1750 Claudio Monteverdi 1613 Bach, Handel, Opera,
Bicycle Scotland 1839 Scot Kirkpatrick MacMillan 1945-Jean Theson-4 wheel
Bowler hat
?? 1849 Thomas & William Bowler
?? 1914 Mary Phelps Jacob
(Patented in 1914)
Camera (flexible roll film)
?? 1888 George Eastmann ??
Chamber Music Germany 1450  ?? "Home Music", Song
Chic (The term) USA 1910's Introduced by Lady Duff-Gordon Ziegfeld, Fashions
Chinese Exclusion Act USA 5/6/1882 USA ??
Circus (Ancient) Rome 1st Century Nero, Julius Ceasar Circus Maximus, Arena
Circus (Modern) England 1768 Philip Astley Ricketts, Astley's
Civil Rights Act of 1964 USA 7/2/1964 House of Representatives ??
Classical Era Austria 1700's Haydn, Mozart ??
Cocaine Use S. America 1850s first used in Elixers 1900's ??
Computer England 1822 Charles Babbage Bernoulli Numbers, William Burrough, Sir Issac Newton, (ENIAC-USA)
Electronic Music Massachusetts 1895 Thaddeus Cahill Luigi Russolo, Harry Olsen
first African American Woman to fly an airplane USA 1922 Bessie Coleman Lindbergh,
FM Radio USA 1941 Edwin Howard Armstrong AM Radio,
Fugitive Slave Act USA 9/18/1850 House of Representatives ??
Fugue France 1330 Jacques de Liege Fuga, Bach,
Helicopter Germany 1937 Focke-Achgelis Igor Sikowsky-usa-1939
Hollywood Hollywood, CA. 1887 Named & Co-Founded by Daeida Hartell Wilcox Beveridge ??
Homestead Act USA 5/20/1862 House of Representatives ??
Leotard France 1860s  Jules Léotard (dancer) Dance Wear, Acrobatic, Ballet
Meistersingers Germany 1100's A.D. Middle Class "Master Singers," Minstrels
Metronome ?? 1810 Dietrich Nikolaus Winkel, later Maelzel in 1816 ??
microphone (Carbon) London 1878 David Edward Hughes ??
Middle Ages ?? A.D. 500 and 1450 ?? ??
Minnesingers Germany 1100's A.D. Aristocracy "Love Singers," Minstrels
Minstrels Europe 600's A.D. Goliards Troubadours, Minnesingers, Meistersingers
Modern Era (music) France/Vienna 1900 Claude Debussy, ??
Monroe Doctrine USA 12/2/1823   ??
Morse Code USA 1835 Samuel F.B. Morse ??
Motion Pictures USA 1877 Eadweard Muybridge (12 Cameras) Filmed Horses Hooves
Motion Pictures France? 1882 Etienne-Jules Marey (Single Camera) ??
Motion Picture-Closeups USA 1903 Edwin S. Porter Great Train Robbery
Motion Picture Studio USA 2/1/1893 Thomas Edison ??
Motion Picture Theater USA 4/14/1894 Thomas Edison ??
MotorCycle (steam) France 1869 n/a ??
Music Mesopotamia 2355 B.C. Sumerians, Babylonians (real, not two sticks hit together).
Musical Notation Italy 800 B.C. n/a Hymn in Stone
Musical Theater France 10,000 B.C. Early Man ??
Opera (music) Florence 1597 *Peri Dafne*, also Jacopo Corsi, Emilio de' Cavalieri, Jacopo Peri, Tasso, ??
Phonograph USA 11/20/1877 Thomas Edison Leon Scott
Phonograph - 33 1/3 USA 1931 RCA (Beethoven Fith) ??
Phonograph, Classical USA 1888 Josef Hofmann ??
Phonograph, Dance   1888 Hans Von Bulow (Mazurka) Chopin
Phonograph Disc USA 1887 Emile Berliner ??
Phonograph, Symphonic New York 1888? Hans Von Bulow (Beethoven's #3) ??
Photography (fixed) France 1826 Joseph-Nicephore Niepce & Louis Jacques-Mande Daguerre 1802-Thomas Wedgwood
Radio Broadcast, First USA 12/24/1906 Reginald Aubrey Fessenden ??
Romantic Era (music) Germany 1803 Beethoven ??
Rosa Parks Arrest Alabama 12/1/1955 James F Blake, the bus driver who had her arrested. Rosa Parks
Saxophone n/a 1844 Adolphe Sax ??
Slow Motion Techniques France 1900 Georges Meleis Dissolve, Fade In/Out
Soap Phoenicia 600 B.C. n/a (goat fat & Wood Ash)
Sonata (music) 1561 Italy Suite of dances for Lute. Sonare, Cantata
Sousaphone 1890s? n/a Tuba named after John Phillip Sousa Tuba, Sousa
Spacecraft 10/4/1957 Russia Sputnik I usa-1/31/1958
Satr Spangled Banner 1931 USA Became USA National Anthem in 1931. ??
Stereo France 1881 Clement Alder Telephone, Radio
Stereo, First Recording USA 3/12/1932 Bell Labs (Poem Of Fire) Leopold Stokowski
Teenager (the word) USA ?1930's? said to be first used in 1930's ??
Telegraphy Switzerland 1792 Claude Chappe Morse, Joseph Henry
Telegraphy, Wireless Italy 1894 Gugliemo Marconi Hertz
Telephone USA 1876 Alexander Graham Bell Elisha Gray
Television England 10/2/1926 John Logie Baird & Charles Francis Sawyer, Leblanc, Nipkow
Television Broadcasting USA 1928 Philo T. Farnsworth, Vladimir Zworykin RCA, W2RBX
Vitagraph Films USA 1896 James Stuart Blacton Edison
Whirlwind dance shoe New York 1926 Afson's Shoe Store, Turned Sole Slipper Dance Shoes, Slippers
Zippo Lighters USA n/a George G. Blaisdell ??
Dance Magazine, Browser's Book Of Beginnings by Charles Panati, Theater by Jacques Burdick
February 17, 2013

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