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pre 1980 Historic Dance Contests
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4/5/1868 Wallacks Jig Contest Wallacks Theater NY? Jig Winners: Tommy Peel (2nd Billy O'Neil)
4/22/1908 Castle Innovation Contest Castle House NY Innovation n/a
2/11/1911 Lowbro Waltzing Contest Birmingham AL? Waltz n/a
c.1920s Cinderella Roof Charleston Contests Long Beach CA Charleston Winners: Yellowhorse
1925 World Tango Championships New York? NY Tango Winners: Dorothy Cole &
Scott Atkinson
4/22/1925 Avon Athletic Hall Contests Marigold Gardens n/a Foxtrot n/a
12/24/1925 B.F Keiths "Singles" Charleston Contest Keith's Theater NY Charleston Winners: Louise Sullivan
1925 Dance Masters Of America Trianon Ballroom NY Charleston n/a
1926 Million Dollar Pier - Charleston Contests Million Dollar Pier NJ Charleston Weekly
2/8&9/1926 National Charleston Dance Contest of the World Chicago's
Trianon Ballroom
IL. Charleston Winners: Jim and Louise Sullivan,
2nd Ginger Rogers
1927 Black Bottom Championships Roseland Ballroom NY Black Bottom n/a
1927-1984 Harvest Moon Ball Championships Madison SQ. Garden N.Y. Various See Pages!!! (Here)
1928 Belleville Turners Elimination Contest n/a n/a Foxtrot Winners: Lester Mulligan & Laura Leezy
1928 Chicago's State Congress Theatre Contest Chicago State Theatre IL. Shimmy Winner: Hinda Wassau
3/1930 weekly Lindberg Hop contest (3/29/1930 the Baltimore Afro-American announced winner) NY? or MD? Lindy Hop winner: Rabbit Taylor
9/21/1931 Broadway Stage Dance Championships New York NY Tap, The Creole n/a (shown on Pathe News Reel)
9/6/1932 New Jersey State Dancing Championship Palisade's Amusement Park Ballroom N.J. N/A n/a
1934 Apollo Lindy Hop Championships Apollo Theater NY Lindy Hop Winners: Leroy Jones & Edith
4/21/1934 Casa Del Rey Nightclub Newark N.J. Peabody n/a
1936 Dance To Fame Contest (hosted by Veloz and Yolanda) Los Angeles (L.A. Examiner) CA. Ballroom Winners: The Champions
1937 Metro. Intercollegiate Championships n/a USA Shag Winners: Coleman & Conklin
12/9/1937 Paramounts Swing Dance Tournament Paramount Theatre, Los Angeles, CA. USA Jitterbug reported dancers: Lillian Arnold & Lawrence Wise, Mary McCaslin & Maxie Dorf, and Venna Cascon & Gil Fernadez
6/18/1939 Palomar Ballroom's Swingeroo Jitterbug Contest Los Angeles Coliseum, Los Angeles USA Jitterbug plus others Winners: Jack Arkin and Marion Goldy, 2nd: Hal and Betty Takier
1939 International Jitterbug Championships n/a USA Jitterbug n/a
1944 Jitterbugs and Jive Austailian Contest Austrailia AUS. Jitterbug n/a
9/26/1950 ?Lancashire Ballroom Championships? Floral Hall, Lancashire ENG. Ballroom Winners: #27 Mr. C. Booth and Miss. L Singleton of Blackpool,
4/30/1951 Rhyl North Wales International Ballroom Formation Team North Wales, England ENG. Ballroom
(Tango Waltz)
Winning Choreographer: Mr. Stonehouse and Miss Wantling
5/28/1951 Daily Mail Film Awards Ceremony Contest Germany GER. Ballroom Winners: Anna Neagle, Herbert Wilcox and John Mills
1954 KLAC Charleston Championships Los Angeles CA. Charleston Peter & Gloria Cranwell
1959? Lyceum Jitterbug Dance Contest (Pathe Newsreel -1940-1959 Dance Compilation) Lyceum ?ENG.? Jitterbug, Jive etc n/a
9/21/1959 'Grand Prix des Nations' Contest England ENG. Winners: Bob Burgess and Doreen Freeman
1961 Dance Festival. Hammersmith, London. (Shown on Pathe Newsreel) Hammersmith, England Eng Ballroom, Jive Winners: Derek Diamond (#14) and Vivienne Lee (#12) , Sydney Winter Group
Various Dance Marathons Many Locations USA Various See Page
1964 NBC Arthur Murray Contest Television USA Ballroom n/a
February 17, 2013