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Streetswings Dance History Archives:
Mainly USA Balls ... more to come







Black and Pooch Ball Congress Hotel - NY (Given By Irene Castle) 1940's?
Bradley Martin Ball Waldorf Astoria - NY - 2/10/1897
Butlers Ball Riverside Plaza Hotel New York City NY - -
Birthnight Ball - Williamsburg. VA None Late 1800's
Centennial Ball, The Metrop. Opera Hse. New York City NY Cent.. 1900?
Chuck Connor's Ball (Tammany Hall!) - NY Gibson Girls? 1905
Drag Ball (annual) - Harlem NY - 1940's
Fairy Ball Rockland Palace (was raided /pd) NY Female Impersonators 1938
Fancy Ball California Exchange? - CA - 1857
Fat Men's Ball Irving Hall New York City NY - 1/7/1870
Grand Ball City Hall Washington D.C. President Lincoln 4/4/1861
Grand Ball Academy of Music Hall New York City NY Prince Of Wales 10/12/1860
Hunt Ball Newport - - - 9/14/1889
Inaugural Ball (1St. One) Assembly Rooms New York City NY George Washington 5/7/1789
Inaugural Ball - - - General Grant -1869
Memphisto Ball - New York NY (Bonnie Glass) 1910's
Napier Ball, The Willards Hotel Washington City - None 2/17/1859
Revels At Merry Mount USA Merry Mount MA - 1600's
Un Bal Du Cour Louis XIV France - - Louis XIV 1800's?
Un Bal La Cour D' Henri III France - - Henry III 1600's?
Vanderbuilt 19th Century Ball 5th Avenue House - NY - 1900's
Venetian Weddings - - - - 1500's
W.C Whitney Cotillion Ball - - NY 1st of the century 1/4/1901
February 17, 2013
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