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Vintage Ziegfeld Girl, Showgirl, Actress: "Katheryn Martyn"

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Katheryn Martyn ... Vintage Ziegfeld Girl photo 1

Kathlene Martyn ..."Ziegfeld Girl," "Butterfly Girl, "Most Beutiful Girl on the British Stage"

Older sister of Marjorie Martyn. Danced, Sang and or performed many times in Ziegfelds world of beauties. After her arrival from England aboard the Mauretania, around 1919, her debut was in the 'Midnight Frolics of 1920. She went on to perform in the 'Danse de Follies' (1920), "Nine O'Clock Revue" (aka Ziegfeld Girls of 1920), "Nine O'Clock Frolic" (1920 & '21), "the Midnight Frolic" (1920 & 21) "Sally" (1922 & '23), and lastly the Ziegfeld Follies of 1925. She was known as the 'Butterfly Girl'. She is connected to the Prince of Wales² in 1919 and is believed to have 2 sisters.

She says her favorite things to do are, Flying, Swimming, Roller-Skating and Dancing. Was the model for many advertisers as well as the Coca-Cola company in 1921³ and Mascot to the British Royal Flying Corps in 1919 (where she gained her notice). Non-Ziegfeld performances: Dear Sir (1924), and Lady Be Good (1925).

Photo 1: Miss Katheryn is seen here sitting on a stool, wrapped up in what looks like a blanket, holding a Butterfly.

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