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Vintage Ziegfeld Girl, Showgirl, Vanities Girl, Model, Dancer: "Dorothy Britton"

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Dorothy Britton ... Vintage Ziegfeld Girl and Earl Carroll Vanities girl, Dancer, Showgirl, Model photo 1

Dorothy Britton ... "Ziegfeld Girl," "the Most Beautiful Showgirl in the World!."

Dorothy won 'Miss United States' then onto the 2nd 'Miss Universe' (as Miss New York) Beauty Pageant in 1927 as the winner. Was a Ziegfeld Girl, Earl Carroll's Sketchbook and Vanities featured star. As with most Ziegfeld Girls she did magazine ads such as Blue=Jay foot treatment and the Motorcar 'Viking 8' as well as posed for ACJ (Alfred Cheney Johnson) also in nudes. After her marriage she retired from show business and raised a family. Dorothy had two children and a sister named Ethel Merriam.

It was reported¹ she worked as a 'Saleslady' in a New York Dress House before winning 'Miss Universe" and later doing 'Red-Cross' work during the mid 1940's. She was in a few legal battles with being arrested for indecent exposure during a Vanities performance as well as her husband Cliff's business doings and his ex-wifes alimony non payments.

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