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Vintage Ziegfeld Girl, Showgirl, Dancer, Model: "Dolores Rose"

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Dolores Rose ... Vintage  Ziegfeld Girl, Dancer, Showgirl, Actress photo 1

Dolores Rose ... "Ziegfeld Girl," "Loveliest Showgirl in the World," "Goddess of Clothes."

Dolores had one older sister named Eva A. Rose. Started her career as a Lucile Mannequin model for the Gordon Duff agency when she was 17 years old. She couldn't sing or dance so Ziegfeld allowed her to just pose and walk, which set the stage for his future Ziegfeld girls. She was famed for her Ziegfeld Peacock Costume as well as her interpretation of the 'Peacock Walk,' thus making her the biggest Ziegfeld star of all time. She was termed as a Clothes Horse' as all she had to do was 'Walk and Pose' in the costumes made for her rather than dance or sing. She was trained to walk by Ned Wayburn and act like a Duchess on stage by lady Gordon Duff. She set the stage for future starlets with her attitude and regal demeanor upon the stage.

She returned to Paris, France after her marriage and retired from modeling. During WWII, She was part of the resistance effort along with her husband and sister and in times was at great peril. She died in Paris in 1975.

Photo 1: Miss Dolores stands in one of her Peacock costumes.

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