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Vintage Ziegfeld Girl, Showgirl, Dancer, Singer, Actress: "Bobbe Arnst"

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Bobbe Arnst ... Vintage  Ziegfeld Girl, Dancer, Showgirl, Actress photo 1

Bobbe Arnst ... "Ziegfeld Girl," "One of the Brightest of the Song and Dance Girls."

Born to French-Norwegian parents in 1903, her Norwegian grandparents were so sure she was going to be born a boy they named her Robert Leon. Her first appearance on stage was at the age of three in Omaha and by age eight was pretty regular. Bobbie was a known Actress and Shimmy dancer and had a dog named 'Phoof' and 'Wrinkles' as a traveling companion. She did some modeling for photographers and advertisers such as Blue Jay, Gage Chapeaux and Lux Soap. Dated Band Leader Phil Harris and toured briefly with the Ted Lewis Orchestra singing and dancing around 1925. She also appeared on Radio (WGN.)

Her hobbies included Swimming and Cooking. Bobbe moved to Silver Springs (near Ocala) Florida around 1940 and remained till her death. Miss Arnst died in 1980 at the New Horizon Convalarium, Ocala (Silver Springs) and is interred at Good Shepherd Memorial Gardens, Ocala, Florida.

Photo 1: Ziegfeld promotional portrait photo of Bobbe Arnst.

  • Birth Name: Robert (Bobbe) Leon Christoffersen (aka: Roberta Leonora)
  • Birth Date: 10/11/1903-11/25/1980
  • Birth Place: Manistee County Michigan, USA (Some reports say New York)
  • Married: Johnny Weismuller (2/1931-10/8/1933) | Robert A. Cavanaugh (4/2/1934-8/19/1936) |
    John Barnes | ?Eddie Mannix? |
  • Parents: Soren Christoffersen (1875-1957) and Mathea Edwardsen Christoffersen (aka: Billie Arnst)
  • Clubs/Theaters: Broadhurst | Cotton Club | Frolics, the | Harris Theatre | Little Theatre | Majestic | New Amsterdam Theatre | Park Theatre | Parody Club |

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