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Vintage Ziegfeld Girl, Showgirl, Dancer, Model: "Beth Beri"

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Beth Berri ... Vintage Ziegfeld Girl, Dancer, Showgirl photo 1

Beth Beri ... "Ziegfeld Girl," "The Far West Prima Donna," "Most Beautiful Legs in the World, "the Girl With the $1,000,000 Dancing Legs. "

Although Beth's father died the year she was born, she was the 5th of five children (one sister, 3 brothers.) Beth officially entered the realms of the Ziegfeld Showgirls when she danced in Ziegfelds Musical 'Kid Boots' in 1923 and later Ziegfeld bought out her Vaudeville contract and featured her as a 'Bubble dancer' in 'No Foolin' in 1926. Travelled and danced internationally, Cuba, England, France and Singapore namely. Ziegfeld said of her "She has the most beautiful legs in the world," although that would be publicly challenged by Mistinguette and a Viennese girl². Also did exstensive training with Ernest Belcher.

She is said to have made upto $3,000 a week as a dancer in her prime. She sometimes danced alone or with others such as Harland Dixon, Jay Velle and Paul O'Neill as well as featured roles such as Marie Antoinette in the Ziegfeld Follies. Was featured as a newcomer rising star in May 1924 issue of Screenland magazine. After her first marriage she and her husband moved to Bombay India¹. Beth passed away in 1987 in Walnut Creek, Contra Costa, California.

  • Birth Name: Elizabeth Kislingbury
  • Birth Date: 3/26/1901-10/28/1987
  • Birth Place: Rochester, New York USA
  • Married: Mark Alonzo Hanna (1929-1934 divorced) | John R. Adams³ | Truman William Carrithers (1942)
  • Parents: William Kislingbury (1858-1901) & Sophia Weber (1868-1935)
  • Clubs/Theaters: Capital Theatre | Coliseum | Earl Carroll Theatre | Globe Theatre | Iwren Studio
    Theater | Kit Kat Club | Majestic | New Amsterdam | Piccadilly Hotel |

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