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Vintage Ziegfeld Girl, Showgirl, Dancer: "Bessie Chatterton Poole"

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Bessie Chatterton Poole Vintage Ziegfeld Girl

Bessie Chatterton Poole ... "Ziegfeld Girl."

Bessie was a Ziegfeld Girl afflicted with the superstitious 'Ziegfeld Curse'. One night in October of 1928 she was a guest in a nightclub (Chez Florenz) drinking and having a good time when she got in an intoxicated argument (bar fight) with another guest, she was asked to leave, which she did and went home. Her roommate called on the hospital complaining that Bessie was very sick, she died the next day in the hospital. It is reported that she died of heart disease and alcohol consumption, however it was also do to a head trauma (via a broken nose) during the fight.

Bessie and W.C. Fields were an item around 1914-1916 and claimed she birthed Fields a son on August 15, 1917 named 'William Rexford Fields Morris'¹ whom she gave up to adoption to Mrs. Rose Holden. Fields was in agreement for the first 10 years of the Boys life, then later denied it when the boy grew up. After Fields died, William fought the courts for claims against Field's estate'².

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