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Vintage Ziegfeld Girl, Showgirl, Actress: "Anna De Brow"

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Ann De Brow (Reed) ... Vintage Burlesque dancer, Actress photo 1

Anna De Brow ... "Almost a Ziegfeld Girl."

Daughter of Gold digger mother Jessie Reed but was raised by her fathers parents in Texas. Entered a Miss Universe Beauty Pageant and and stood for San Antonio, TX (pictured) placing 9th out of 22 contestants, in 1929 she won as Miss TX. Was going to audition for the 1932 Ziegfeld folies when Flo Ziegfeld passed away. Passed away in Bexar, Texas in 1977.

Photo 1: Miss DeBrow is holding an U.S. American Legion Plaque, wearing a swimsuit and high heels, holding a wrap with other arm and has a banner across her chest stating ' Miss San Antonio'.

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