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Vintage Ziegfeld Girl, Showgirl, Dancer, Actress, Singer: "Allyn King"

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Allyn King... Vintage Ziegfeld Girl, Dancer, Showgirl, Actress photo 1

Allyn King ... "Ziegfeld Girl."

Due to her father being tragically murdered, she quit school and started her career in 1914 (age 15) in the vaudeville theatre, which was not unusual for the time. It was here that she learned the trade of show business and was on her way to stardom and thanks to an introduction thru her music teacher Eddie Wittstein¹ to Ziegfeld she got a job with the Ziegfeld company and would last there many seasons with the first being 'Ziegfelds revue of 'Top of the Clock' in 1915. Won a beauty contest in Raleigh in 1924.

However her star was cut short when the pressures of having to stay a certain weight and keep her job for theatre executives², she couldn't handle the pressure, started taking thyroid tablets, got ill and entered a Bellvue sanitarium, upon release three years later she committed suicide by leaping out of 116 Waverly Place (Greenwich Village) apartment buildings fifth floor window, she survived the fall but died a couple days later in 1930³. She is interred at Westchester Hills Cemetery in New York.

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