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Nicky Manor ('Mignon and Manor')

"Mignon and Nicky Manor"


    This was the second Mignon of five mignons, who is seen here dancing with Nicky Manor.   Nicky's first "mignon" partner left the team to get married. As you can see the couples dance costumes are exquisite and the 'Dance Lines' that the camera captured show the elegance and grace of this famous dance team.

    One of Nicky's traits as a dancer was the "Picture and Frame" model of dance whereas the Leader is the "Picture Frame" and the "Follower is the Picture" as you can see in this photo. The picture frame idea is where you see the Leader in the background,  but he is not the main part of the photo and his main purpose is to present the Follower first and foremost like when looking at a picture, you see the frame but focus on the picture, not the frame surrounding it. He does it well here.
Vintage Promo Photo by Maurice Seymour, circa 1940's.

Mignon and Manon Vintage Promo Photo by Maurice Seymore
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