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Dewey Weinglass

Dewey Weinglass


    The Four Dancing Demons led by Dewey Weinglass performed to acclaim in London in 1921/1922. The group consisted of Weinglass, George Henry Lattere, Bertha Roe, and Nettie Perry Tolliver.     Dewey Weinglass as a child was a pickaninny, or “pick”, for vaudeville singer Mayme Remington and others. He managed to make the difficult transition to a successful adult dancer largely through his perseverance and skill. At a time when Russian dance was enjoying huge popularity on the American stage, he became known as the best at that style. The London tour represented a high water mark of sorts in his dancing career.     Appeared in "From Speedville to Broadway" (1916), "On the Way to Boston" (1916), "The Bon Ton Ministrels" (1917), "The Mamie Smith Revue" (1924, 1926), "Harlem Rounders" (1925), "Stoppin' the Traffic" (1927, producer), "The Bubblin' Over Revue" (1928), "Rolling On" (1928, producer), "Dixie on Parade" (1930), "Hot Rhythm" (1935, producer).
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February 11, 2010

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