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Vera Zorina Publicity Shot

Stage Name

Birth Name

Vera Zorina Eva Brigitta Hartwig

   Zorina's parents were both professional singers, Zorina stated she was of Norwegian heritage even though she was born in Berlin, she was brought up in Kristiansund. Started studying ballet around the age of six with Evgenia Eduardova and Victor Gsovsky. Zorina was said to be a professional dancer by the early age of seven and made her first Stage appearance as a fairy in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' in 1929 directed by Max Reinhardt, in Berlin. Joined the Ballet Russe in 1933 which the Colonel de Basil gave her the Stage Name of Vera Zorina and toured England and the USA. At age 18 had an open menage a trois with Leonide Massine and his wife.

    An extremely talented Ballet dancer who tried to break into movies when Samuel Goldwyn brought her to the States for a contract. Although Vera was fabulous, ballet was not highly accepted in movies at the time. When she married Ballanchine, her movie career took a start but, alas, did not continue.

    Zorina was the director of the musical "Cabaret" in Oslo during the 1960's. In the 1970's, Zorina would be appointed Director of the Norwegian Opera also in Oslo. She continued touring the U.S. until her retirement in the early 1980s. In 1990 Zorina moved to Santa Fe, where she continued a career as an opera director for several troupes such as the Santa Fe Opera.

Vera Zorina Autograph
   The two Hudson Sisters( Ray and Geraldine,) were Zorina's daughters who were also dancers. The Sisters danced very successfully in such shows as the Follies Bergere, Earl Carroll Vanities, and at the Radio City Music Hall in the 1940s. Zorina passed away of natural causes in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2003.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Berlin, Germany 1/2/1917-4/13/2003 George Ballanchine(1938-1946) Ray and Geraldine
            Goddard Lieberson (1946) Peter Goddard Crespian
            Paul Wolfe (1977) Jonathon Goddard
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Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet Anton Dolin n/a
  Charles Laskey    
  George Raft      
  The Hudson Sisters      

Night Clubs


Stage / Ballets

n/a The M.E.T. 1929 - Midsummer Nights Dream
          1933 - Ballerina (Dolin's)
          1934 - Les Presages (Massine's)
            1938 - I Married and Angel
          1940 - Louisiana Purchase
          1943 - Apollo (Ballanchine's)
          1944 - Dream with Music
          1945 - The Tempest
          1948 - A Temporary Island
            1954 - On Your Toes ( London)
            1960s - Cabaret
            Les Noces (Nijinska's)




$ 1937/8 - Goldwyn Follies [ DVD] 1953 - Nothing But The Best 5/1939 - Modern Screen Magazine
1939 - On Your Toes (w/Laskey) 1957 - Toast of the Town 1940 - Life Magazine
1940 - I Was An Adventuress $ Colgate Comedy Hour 1/1942 - Motion Picture Magazine
$ 1941 - Louisiana Purchase 2003 - Norwegian Actresses in Hollywood 12/1945 - Lilliput magazine
$ 1942 - Star Spangled Rhythm       10/1954 - Collier's Magazine
$ 1944 - Follow The Boys       11/17/1954 - People Today
1946 - When Lovers Meet       $ 1979 - Dancer's Choice  (Vera Zorina)
1974 - Lucky Luciano     $1988 - Zorina (Vera Zorina)
1985 - That's Dancing