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Ada Mae Weeks

Stage Name

Birth Name

Ada Mae Weeks (also Ada-May) Ada May Weeks
    Ada Mae Weeks was a dancer during the 1920s. Did some acting as well. She started on Broadway at a very early age and studied dance at the Ned Wayburn Studio and by 1910 at age 14 would become Marilyn Miller's Understudy. Danced with Clifton Webb in Listen Lester. Ada was the sister to Marion Weeks.   Need Info on this person...
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Birth Place

Birth Date



Oyster Bay, Long Isl. N.Y. 3/8/1896-4/25/1978 n/a n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballroom Clifton Webb n/a

Night Clubs



  Cort Theater (1920) 1907 - Tom Jones (little girl/daughter)
n/a Liberty Theater (1921) 1915 - Around the Map (dancer)
      Knickerbocker Theatre (1918) 1916 - Come to Bohemia (dancer)
      New Amsterdam Theater (1916) 1916 - Miss Springtime
      Ned Wayburn Studio 1918 - Fancy Free
        1918 - Listen Lester (with Clifton Webb)
        1919 - Midnight Frolic ( Ziegfeld's)
        1920 - Jim, Jam Jems
        1921 - O'Brien Girl, the
        1924 - Lollipop
        1927 - Rio Rita (Ziegfeld Follies)
        1927 - The Good Fairy




1928 - The Dancing Town (Short) 1950 - Fireside Theatre n/a
1930 - The Shaming of the True (short)          
1933 - Dance, Girl Dance          
1947 - Monsieur Verdoux