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Vera Ellen Photo

Stage Name

Birth Name

Vera Ellen Vera Ellen Rohe (Westmeyer)
   At only 4' 6" tall, she would work hard to increase her height, and did, eventually reaching a grand 5'4." Vera Ellen was called 'Twinkletoes' by her friends. Vera started dancing as a child at the age of ten. At age sixteen she won a local New York dance contest on the 'Major Bowes Comedy Hour'. She started her professional career as a ' Rockette' at Radio City Music Hall in New York City ( One of the youngest) then on to Broadway at age eighteen in 'Its Very Warm for May' in 1939, before appearing as an actress in the movies. Some of her dances with Danny Kaye ( Bali Boogie) and Gene Kelly ( Slaughter on Tenth Avenue) were very, very memorable.

   After marrying g another Dancer named Robert Hightower ( Louis's Brother,) they formed a dance troupe called the Hightowers. She would eventually dance with such stars as Fred Astaire and Danny Kaye. Vera had some of the best legs in Hollywood and the producers made sure she showed them off.

Vera Ellen Autograph

Birth Place

Birth Date



Norwood, OH. 2/16/1921 - 8/16/1981 Robert Hightower (1945) Victoria Ellen Rothschild
            Victor Rothschild (1954)      

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Apache (Slaughter) Betty Garrett Bali Boogie ( W/OConnor)
Ballet Ann Miller Slaughter on 10th Ave. (w/ Kelly)
Ballroom Caesar Romero      
Chorus Line Danny Kaye      
Rockette Fred Astaire      
      Gene Kelly      
      John Brascia      
      Jules Munshin      
      Ray Bolger      
      Robert Hightower      
      Ted Lewis Band (1937)      

Night Clubs



Billy Rose's Casa Manana 46th St. Theater (1940) 1939 - It's Very Warm For May
      Alvin Theater (1939) 1940 - Higher and Higher
      Martin Beck Theater (1944) 1940 - Panama Hattie
      Radio City Music Hall 1942 - By Jupiter
      Shubert Theater (1942) 1944 - The Connecticut Yankee




$1945 - Wonder Man [ DVD] ( Kaye) 1952 - Ford TV Theater $1999 - The Magic & Mystery ( Soren)
$1946 - The Kid From Brooklyn Perry Como Show      
1947 - 3 Little Girls in Blue            
1947 - Carnival in Costa Rica            
$1948 - Words and Music            
1949 - On The Town [ DVD] ( Kelly)            
$1950 - Love Happy            
$1950 - Three Little Words ( Astaire)            
1951 - Happy Go Lovely [ DVD]            
$1952 - The Belle of New York            
1953 - Big Leaguer            
1953 - Call Me Madame            
1954 - White Christmas [ DVD]            
11/26/1956 - Pathe Newsreel: Vera Ellen Stills            
1957 - Let's Be Happy            
$1985 - That's Dancing            
2002 - Gene Kelly - Anatomy of [ DVD]