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Jean Veloz photo  courtesy of

Stage Name

Birth Name

Jean Veloz-Veloz Jeannette Phelps
  Ray Phelps ( Jean's little brother)
   The Phelps family moved to Los Angeles in 1942. Jeanne Phelps-Veloz pictured at left and below dancing with Arthur "Slippery" Walsh in the film ' Groovie Movie'. Jeanne was and still is an avid swing dancer who does West Coast Swing, Lindy-Hop, Jitterbug, Tango and Ballroom dances in a unique style that many ladies have copied over the years.

   Jean and her brother Ray used to dance the swing circuit and got involved with Dean Collins until Ray went to serve in WWII. Jeanne married Bebe Davi who later divorced. In 1947 Jean started training with the legendary international ballroom dancer Frank Veloz of ' Veloz and Yolanda' fame who years later would partner with and dance the circuit with Frank in the Ballroom World as well as his Television program originally entitled "Veloz & Yolanda Hour," later changed to "The Frank Veloz Show" from 1950-1955. Frank and Jean soon married in 1963 and remained together until his death from cancer on 2/27/1983.

   Jeanne was nominated in 1995 and inducted into the 'California Swing Dance Hall of Fame' in 1996 and can be scene doing her unique style of Lindy Hop in a few surviving films such as Swing Fever and the instructional and hilariously entertaining Pete Smith short, "Groovie Movie" where swing dancers demonstrated various dance steps of the jitterbug.

   Altho not as active today, Jean shows no signs of slowing down. Jean has been invited to appear as a special guest at numerous Lindy Hop weekends. Jean lives in Reseda, California (2002.) She and her brother still occasionally get out to clubs swing dancing and is still a thrill to dance with this charming and personable lady. Jean's website page is here: Jean Veloz.
Arthur Walsh and Jean Veloz in Groovie Movie

Birth Place

Birth Date



Santa Maria, Ca. ?1924? Bebe Davi n/a
            Frank Veloz (1961-d.1983)      

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballroom Anthony Dexter (Instructed) Undecided
Foxtrot Arthur "Slippery" Walsh One O'clock Jump
Jitterbug Bob Ashley One Girl and Two Boys (Swing Fever)
Latin Bob Phelps (Jean's Brother)      
Lindy Hop Chuck Saggau      
Rhumba Dean Collins      
Samba Don Gallagher (in Swing Fever)      
Tango Frank Veloz    
Waltz Johnny Archer    
West Coast Swing Lennie Smith (in Swing Fever)    
      Ray Phelps (Jean's Brother)    

Night Clubs


Stage / Contests

Bourston's Nightclub ( Los Angeles) Wilshire E Bell Theatre (Los Angeles) Legion Stadium in Hollywood (1st w/ Ray 1943)
Legion Stadium in Hollywood (w/ Ray 1943)   El Rancho Vegas Hotel (by Nick Castle 1946)
El Rancho Vegas Hotel (w/ Nick Castle)    
St. Francis Hotel (San Francisco W/ Frank)

video clips




Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
1943 - Jive Junction( W/ Ashley & Archer) 1950 - The Frank Veloz Show n/a
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
1944 - Juke Box Joes ( Sung by Carol Adams)    
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
1944 - Swing Fever ( W/ Smith & Gallagher)            
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
1945 - Groovie Movie( W/ Walsh)            
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window. 1945 - Horn Blows at Midnight( W/ Collins)            
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window. Latin Lovers (Choreo - Frank & Jean)          
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window. Swingin’ On a Tea Garden Gate ( W/ Saggu )          


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