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Stage Name

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Uriel Davis

Uriel Davis

   Uriel Davis was a very succesful dancer during the ragtime days, creating many dances over time such as the "Fish Walk, Seasick Step, The Tiger, The Dream Tango, Beedledum Minuet, The Bulgarian Canter, College Campus Schottisce, Baltimore Rag Quadrille,  Grape Juice Wallow, the Roseda Waltz and his most famous ... the Horsetrot and Davis Foxtrot."

Some articles referred to him as the "Originator of Freak dances." He would also innovate Social Games.

the below is reprinted here from the Cambridge Tribune, Volume XXXVI, Number 16, 14 June 1913:

"Uriel Davis in the Slums.
    Elite society In Boston, Philadelphia und New York has taken up Uriel Davis, of Washington, D. C, who for the past year has Invented, composed and arranged most of the dances, games and soclal novelties for the functions of his home town. Among his latest successes in the game line, "Sumrun" is probably the most popular, being a horse racing game played with cards.

   The "Beedleum Minuet," a ragtime dance with very slow steps coupled with the old cake walk style and the "Bulgarian Canter," the "College Campus Schottlsche," the "Baltimore Rag Quadrille" and the "Seasick Step" are all Inventions of Mr. Davis. His latest and probably the most popular dance, "The Horse Trot," has met with great favor in all of the larger cities of the east and from last accounts- is supplanting the Turkey Trot, the Tango, and other dances of that kind, since while it embraces all of the exhilarating steps of those dances it is not in the least vulgar and does not fall under the ban of the authorities. Mr. Davis heard it ground out upon one of the mandolln-plano organs the other day while on a visit to the west side of New York. He stopped to see the dancers and noted that the children were dancing the turkey trot to his music.

   Without considering how he was in the least out of place... he took the hand of one of the grimy faced little tots and showed her the steps of the "Horse trot." She quickly picked it up when another appealed to him ! ... "to be "teached." Inside of 30 minutes he had 20 or more of the children enjoying the novel and Invigorating steps of his dance. Scatterlng money among them and by liberal donations to the one-man orchestra he soon had a large crowd around him. The mothers of the children came out of the tenements and asked to be taught the dance and Davis had the busiest time of his life."

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Washington, D.C. ? n/a n/a n/a

Dance Types Created

Sheet Music Covers

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Davis Music Titles

Baltimore Rag Quadrille Davis Foxtrot Clip not available at this time Bannana Slide, the (8/28/1913)
Bannana Slide, the (1913) Horse Trot, the Clip not available at this time Barbarita, the (8/30/1913)
Bulgarian Canter, the       Clip not available at this time Broadway Is My Home Sweet Home (1915)
College Campus Schottisce, the       Clip not available at this time Davys Foxtrot (1914)
Davis Foxtrot, the       Clip not available at this time Hesitation Waltz (1914)
Deedledum Minuet       Click to hear preview clip Horsetrot (1912)
Dream Tango, the       Clip not available at this time London Taps
Fish Walk, the (probably named after Hamilton Fish Jr.)       Clip not available at this time One Wonderful Night
Grape Juice Wallow              
Hesitation Waltz (1914)

Dance Partners

Horsetrot, the (American Dance)              
London Taps (1915)              
Roseda Waltz              
Seasick Step, the              
Tap Dance              
Tiger, the              
Valse Roseda, the              

Night Clubs



1915 - Bellvue-Stratford Hotel Hunts Mills 1915 - Palm Gardens
Modern Dancing Studios Inc.    




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    8/10/1913 - New York Times (Newport Org. to Unite)
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    How To Dance The Horsetrot (Uriel Davis) [pdf]