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Stage Name

Birth Name

Shirley Temple

Shirley Jane Temple

    She got her start in the movies at the age of three in the 1932 film 'War Babies' and soon progressed to super stardom, and by the age of six won a special Academy Award for her "outstanding contribution to screen entertainment" in 1934. Shirley could do it all, act, sing and dance and all at the age of five!. She learned her trade at Meglin's, a popular talent school. Judy Garlandwas once a fellow 'Meglin Kiddie'.

Shirley's first appearance on film was was in Educational comedies. Her first dance number on the screen was with James Dunnin 'Stand Up and Cheer' when she was only six years old. While filming Baby Takes A Bow, Temple was asked  'what if the movie is not a success,'  her response  'Then we will name it "Baby Takes a Flop".

    Temple would be teamed up with many leading men as Dance Partners with Buddy Ebsen being one of her best, however Bojangles and Temple danced in many of her movies and were an unbeatable combination. By 1939, her popularity was declining, She was supposed to play 'Dorothy' in The Wizard of Oz (1939,) but 20th Century Fox refused to lend her to MGM, so Judy Garland got the role. Although, she starred in movies like 'Since You Went Away,' and the 'Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer,' her movie career was coming to a close as a teenager.

    The movie Young People, was Shirley's last movie for Fox and as a child actress, in it she does one of her best Tap dance numbers and at the end says a heart touching farewell to her fans.

    In her later years she would become involved with Politics. In 1969 she would become a Delegate to the United Nations, in 1974 U.S. Ambassador to Ghana, in 1976 was the U.S. Chief of Protocol, in 1989 became the U.S. Ambassador to Czechoslovakia and in 1998 she was the Recipient of Kennedy Center Honors. England had it's own version of Shirley Temple, her name was Hazel Ascot.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Santa Monica, CA. b.4/24/1928 John Agar (1945) Linda Susan Agar (1948)
    Charles Black (1950) Charlie Black, Jr. (1952)
        Lori Alden Black (1954)

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballroom Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson Good Ship Lollipop
Jitterbug Buddy Ebsen Animal Crackers in my Soup
Hula Clifton Webb $ America's Sweetheart CD Vol.1
Tap Dance George Murphy      
      George Raft      
      James Dunn      
      Jimmy Durante      

Night Clubs



n/a n/a n/a




1932 - Merrily Yours $ AFI's 100 years ...100 Stars 10/31/1935 - Cinemonde
1932 - New Deal Rhythm Babes in Toyland (1960) 2/1936 - Modern Screen
1932 - War Babies - 3 Pack [DVD] Child Star: Shirley Temple Story 4/26/1936 - Time Mag
1932 - What's To Do Land of Oz, the (1960) 10/25/1937 - Life Mag
1934 - Baby Takes a Bow [DVD] ( Dunn) Shirley Temple Theater 4/15/1938 - Family Circle
1934 - Bright Eyes [DVD] Shirley Temple's Storybook 6/10/1938 - Family Circle
1934 - Carolina $1999 - A&E Biography 12/1946 - Movie Stars Prd
1934 - Change of Heart       11/1949 - Screenland Mag
1934 - Hollywood Gad About, the       1/1950 - Filmland Mag
1934 - Little Miss Marker [DVD]       2/3/1958 - Life Mag
1934 - Mandaly       BOOK: 1988 - Child Star (By Temple)
1934 - Now and Forever [DVD] ( Cooper)       BOOK: Guide to Shirley Collectables
1934 - Stand Up & Cheer [DVD] ( Dunn)       BOOK: Shirley Temple Black ... Actor and Diplomat
1935 - Curley Top [DVD]      
1935 - Little Colonel [DVD] ( Bojangles)       BOOK: The Story of Shirley ...
1935 - Littlest Rebel [DVD] ( Bojangles)       BOOK: Bio / Biblio of Shirley
1935 - Our Little Girl [DVD]       BOOK: Authentic Temple Patterns
1936 - Captain January [DVD] ( Ebsen)            
1936 - Dimples [DVD]            
1936 - Poor Little Rich Girl [DVD]            
1936 - Stowaway [DVD]            
1937 - Heidi [DVD]            
1937 - Wee Willie Winkie [DVD]            
1938 - Just Around The Corner [DVD]            
1938 - Little Miss Broadway [DVD] ( Murphy)            
1938 - Little Princess, the [DVD]            
1938 - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm [DVD] ( Bojangles)            
1939 - The Little Princess [DVD]            
1940 - Blue Bird [DVD]            
1940 - Young People [DVD]            
1942 - Little Miss Annie Rooney [DVD]            
1942 - Our Girl Shirley            
1944 - Since You Went Away [DVD]            
1945 - Kiss and Tell            
1947 - Bachelor & the Bobby-Soxer [DVD]            
1947 - I'll Be Seeing You ( Ginger Rogers)            
1947 - That Hagen Girl            
1948 - Fort Apache [DVD] (Wayne)            
1949 - A Kiss for Corliss            
1949 - Adventure In Baltimore            
1949 - Mr. Belvedere Goes to College ( Webb)            
1949 - The Story of Sea Biscuit [DVD]            
1958 - Best of Shirley Temple [DVD]            
1965 - The Love Goddess            
1975 - Brother Can You Spare a Dime            
1985 - That's Dancing [DVD]            
1990 - Hollywood on Parade ( An archive)            
2001 - Child Star - Shirley Temple [DVD]            
Shirley Temple Collection [DVD]            
Shirley Temple Scrapbook [DVD]            
Shirley Temple Movie Collection [DVD] ,V.2            
Shorts [DVD] ( Shirley Temple)