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Tamara Toumanova

Stage Name

Birth Name

Tamara Toumanova

Tamara Toumanova

   Tamara is said to be the daughter of Eugenia Tumanishvili, a princess from the Tiflis region of Russia ... However, Tamara Toumanova was born in a box car while her parents were fleeing from Russia during the Russian Revolution and landed in China, settling in the English Quarter of Shanghai, finally Toumanova's mother would be reunited with her husband and later moved to Cairo however, Tamara would finally be raised in Paris, France. Wanting to be involved in music and dance, Tamara saw Pavlova dance and that sparked her seriousness on dance. She studied dance with Olga Preobrajenska.

    Toumanova made her debut at the Paris Opera at the age of nine in L'Eventail de Jeanne. Later she would be discovered by George Balanchine, who brought her to the Ballet russe de Monte Carlo in 1932. It was here she met her future husband Casey Robinson, who married her and took her to Hollywood. Two ballets were Staged for her at the russe, 'Cotillion and Concurrence.' Toumanova was one of the original 'Baby Ballerinas'.

    Toumanova came to the U.S. in 1939/1940 and danced in a few Broadway musicals such as 'Stars in Your Eyes' as well the U.S. Ballet russe de Monte Carlo. In 1943 she would leave for Hollywood and dance in a few movies and would be married the same year. She would later appear in a few Television shows such as 'Your Show of Shows' and dance with James Starbuck in the 1950's.

Tamara Toumanova Autograph

Birth Place

Birth Date



Esternburg, RU 3/2/1917 - 5/29/1996 Casey Robinson n/a
  Specifics: Brown Eyes | Blck Hair |

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet Danny Kaye n/a
Ballroom Donald O'Connor      
Jitterbug Gene Kelly      
      James Starbuck      
      Leonide Massine      
      Maicahel Panaieff      
      Sirge Lifar      
      Wilson Morelli      




1950's - Your Show of Shows Covent Garden (1936) 1934 - Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo
      Majestic Theatre (1935) 1934 - Union Pacific
      Philharmonic Auditorium (1956) 1939 - Stars in Your Eyes
      St. James Theater (1934) 1945 - Harvest Time
      Teatro Colon (1950) 1935 - Three Cornered Hat




1933 - Jeux d'Enfante 1926 - L'Eventail de Jeanne 1/1945 - Dance Magazine
1942 - Spanish Fiesta 1932 - Cotillion 6/22/1946 - Picturegoer Magazine
$1943 - Days of Glory 1932 - Concurrence 8/30/1952 - Picture Show & Film Pictorial
1953 - Tonight We Sing 1932 - ballet russe de Monte Carlo      
$1954 - Deep in my Heart 1932 - Le Bourgeois Gentilhomm      
$1957 - Invitation to the Dance 1932 - Les Ballets ( Balanchine)      
$1966 - Torn Curtain ( DVD) 1939 - Col. De Basil's Company      
$1970 - PV. Life of Sherlock Holmes ( DVD) 1941 - Labyrinth      
$1985 - That's Dancing 1944/45 - Ballet Theater      
      1947 - Le Palais de Cristal      
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