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Tamra Karsavina

Stage Name

Birth Name

Tamara Karsavina Tamara Platanova Karsavin

   Daughter of Platon Konstantinovich Karsavin [1854 - 1922] (Some reports state Alexander Gorsky). One of many Tamara's in the Ballet field and was a very successful Prima Ballerina in her time. Was educated at the Imperial Ballet School, St. Petersburg, under such teachers as Cecchetti, Johansson, Gerdt and Legat as well as graduating there in 1902.

    Karsavina is best known from 1909 to 1922 as the leading ballerina of Sergey Diaghilev's Ballets Russes. In 1920, Tamara helped found the Royal Academy of Dancing, and in 1930 the Camargo Society. In the 1940s she coached the Sadler’s Wells company.

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Autograph of Tamara Karsavina

Birth Place

Birth Date



St. Petersburg, RU. 3/9/1885 - 5/26/1978 Henry James Bruce n/a
        Vasily Moukhin < Yes

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet Harold Turner n/a
Waltz Laurent Novikoff      
      Leonide Massine      
      Michel Fokine      
      Platon Karsavin      
      Vaslaw Nijinsky      

Night Clubs


Stage, Ballets

n/a 1902 - Swan Lake
            1908 - Les Sylphides
            1910 - Carnival
            1910 - Cléopâtre
            1910 - L'Oiseau de Feu ( The Firebird)
            1911 - Le Spectre de la Rose
            1911 - Narcisse
            1911 - Petrouchka
            1912 - Daphne and Chloe
            1912 - Le Dieu Bleu
            1912 - Thamar
            1913 - Jeux
            1914 - Le Coq d'Or
            1914 - Le Tricorne
            1914 - The Wandering Dog
            1935 - Three Cornered Hat



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  • NOTE: Tamara's Name in Russian - tmä´r Krsä´vyn