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Birth Name


Anna Amalie Galster-Taglioni (Paul's Wife)
Augusta Taglioni (Daughter of Paul & Anna, Actress)
(Marie's Grandfather. Salvatore's Father)
(Son of Salvatore, Composer)
Louisa Taglioni (Daughter of Salvatore)
Marie Taglioni, I (Daughter of Philippe and Sophia)
Marie Paul Taglioni, II (Daughter of Paul & Anna, Marie's Niece)
Paul Taglioni (Marie's I - Brother)
Philippe Taglioni (Salvatore's Brother, Marie's I Father)
Salvatore Taglioni (Louisa's Father, Marie's Uncle)
Sophia Taglioni (Mother to Marie, Bride of Philippe)


   Marie Taglioni was the daughter of the famous dancer / choreographer Philippe ( Filippe) Taglioni. Her Mother Sophia was the daughter of famous Swedish actor Karsten ( Carstain.) She made her debut at at the Hoftheater in Vienna in 1822 in 'La Ré ception d'une Jeune Nymphe á la Cour de Terpischore' which was Staged by her father. Marie made one of her earliest appearances at the Paris Opera in 1827 in Ferdinand Albert's Cinderella Ballet.Was briefly married to the Count Gilbert de Voisins from 1832-1835 and petitioned for a divorce because the Count wanted her to end her career.

  After her great success with La Sylphide, Marie was almost a legendary figure and rated as the best ballerina of her time, Fanny Elssler and Jules Perrot being her only competition. ( Marie also danced with Jules Perrot who was starting to gain more fame than her, she refused to dance with him after awhile because of this.)

    It is said that Marie was the first ballerina to 'Toe Dance' ( Reportedly not true) and Marie's Victorian 'La Sylphide costume', designed by Eugène Lamy ( Supposedly where the lamy fabric comes from) in La Sylphide would change the ballet world forever. Marie retired in 1848. Marie went bankrupt and was forced to teach till her death in Marseilles, France.

    Paul Taglioni was Marie's dancer brother. Paul produced many Ballets during his career which were very successful. Paul was married to Anna Galster, and died in Marseilles, France in 1884.

    Philippe Taglioni was Marie and Paul's father who made his professional debut in Pisa in 1794. He was premier danseur at Florence, Venice, Paris and Ballet master and dancer at Stockholm in 1803. He is known as the father of the Romantic Ballet which premiered March 12th, 1832 at the Paris Opera House.

    Marie Paul Taglioni ( Marie's Niece) became a very famous Ballerina and Johann Strauss composed the Taglioni Polka. Often confused with Marie I.


Birth Place




Anna Amalie Galster-Taglioni ?France? 1808-1881 Paul Taglioni Augusta, Marie II
Augusta Taglioni ?Germany? B.1830s? n/a     n/a
Carlo Taglioni Turin b.1750's? n/a Philippe & Salvatore
Fernando Taglioni n/a 1810 - 1874 n/a n/a
Louisa Taglioni n/a 1823 - 1893 n/a n/a
Marie Taglioni, I Stockholm 4/23/1803 - 4/22/1884 Count Gilbert de Voisins n/a
Marie Paul Taglioni, II Germany 10/27/1833 - 8/27/1891 Prince Windisch n/a
Paul Taglioni Vienna, Austria 1/12/1808 - 1/6/1888 Anna Galster Augusta & Marie II
Philippe Taglioni Italy 11/5/1777 - 2/11/1871 Sophia Karstins Marie, I and Paul
Salvatore Taglioni Palermo 1789 - 1868 Adelaide Perraud Louisa & Fernando
Sophia Taglioni n/a n/a Philippe Taglioni Marie Taglioni I

... Below Information based on Marie Taglion I

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet Mons. Joseph Mazilier $ Taglioni Polka ( Strauss Jr)
Cachucha $, $ Jules Perott (1810-1892) $ Images of Marie Taglioni
Court Dances Guerra      
El Jaleo de Jeres -1848
( New Cachoucha)Essler
La Gitan - 1840 ( The New Cachoucha)        
La Mazurka        
Marie Taglioni Polka        
Pas Tyrolean        
Quadrilles (a La Taglioni)        
Taglioni Waltz        

Night Clubs


Stage, Ballets

n/a Her Majesty's Theater 1827 - Cinderella ( Marie)
  King's Theater 1830 - Ballets Le Dieu et La Bayadiere ( Phil)
  Paris Opera House 1831 - La Laitière Suisse ( Phil)
  Bolshoi Theatre (1837) 1832 - La Sylphide ( Taglioni's)
        1834 - La Tempte
        1835 - La Fille du Danube ( Marie & Phil)
        1838 - (La Gitana ( Phil)
      1839- Ombre L'
      1840 - Grand Ballet ( Marie)
      1841 - Aglae, Ou L'Eleve de L'Amour
        1847 - Inconstant King ( Paul)
        1847 - Thea or the Flower Fairy ( Paul)
        1849 - Winter Pastimes or Skaters ( Paul)
        1850 - The metamorphosis ( Paul)




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