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Francois and Giselle Szony

Stage Name

Birth Name

Francois Szony

aka: The Dancing Szonys

    Francois Szony was born in Budapest, Hungary, but migrated to the U.S. He has performed the world over from the nightclub scene to the Stage. Performed at the Latin Quarter and Bimbos 365 Club as well as Las Vegas. Szony was known as "A Gentlemen's Dancer."

    His Special appearances on televisions programs like "Your Show of Shows," "Hollywood Palace" and the "The Ed Sullivan Show" were always well recieved. Many times Szony would do guest performances with: Dean Martin, Edith Piaff, Frank Sinatra, Jerry Lewis, Judy Garland, Liberace and Liza Minnelli, Noel Coward and others and even entertained audiences at the famous Harvest Moon Ball in 1980.

    Francois was noted for his "Adagio Lifts" that were spectacular, elegant in style, masculine and flowed with fluidity. He always had very talented and attractive Dance Partners and once even partnered with Kathryn Grayson. Was winner of the International Dance Competition, "La Classique Du Quebec" with adagio partner Cate Caplin in 1981.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Budapest, Hungary ?? Giselle n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Adagio Cate Caplin n/a
Ballroom Giselle      
Hustle Lois Englund      
Latin Toni Ann Gardella      
Theater Arts            

Night Clubs



Bimbos 365 ( San Francisco)   1951 Harvest Moon Ball ( Contest)
Latin Quarter       1959 - French Follies ( Bimbos)
        1980 - Harvest Moon Ball ( Entertainment)
        1980 - Steps In Time
        1981 - La Classique Du Quebec ( Contest)




So This is Love (w/ Tony) Ed Sullivan Show n/a
      Hollywood Palace      
      Toast of the Town (8/6/1950)      
      Toast of the Town (11/2/1952)      
      Toast of the Town (4/5/1953)      
      Toast of the Town (4/11/1954)      
      Toast of the Town (6/27/1954)      
      Toast of the Town (8/1/1954)      
      Toast of the Town (1/27/1957)      
      Your Show of Shows