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Stage Name

Birth Name

Stump and Stumpy

James 'Stump' Cross


Harold 'Stumpy' Cromer

       Famous comic Tap Dance duo of the 1940s. Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin used ( Stole) many skits and ideas from this duo. Stump and Stumpy having learned their act through the Vaudeville circuit to perfection inspired many dance acts and comedians in their day with their comic Tap dance routines.

Birth Place

Birth Date



(Stump) 6/20/1919 - 1/25/1981 n/a n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Jazz n/a Loud Women (1953)
Jitterbug       Two Thirds Dead (1953)

Night Clubs



Cotton Club 46th Street Theater (1939) 1939 - DuBarry Was A Lady




$1943 - Ship Ahoy! 1957 - Perry Mason n/a
$1943 - This Is The Army 1983 - Frontline      
1948 - Boarding House Blues 2000 - It's Black Entertainment      
$1950 - Life Of Her Own            
    1952 - Somebody Loves Me            
    1957 - Joker Is Wild            

  • NOTE: Sometimes spelt as Stumpie also aka: Eddie Hartman.