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James Starbuck and Student

Stage Name

Birth Name

James Starbuck

James Starbuck

     Starbuck was a dancer, Choreographer, Director and actor. Started his career as child actor, studied dance in school and with many other teachers such as: Christiansen, Graham and Vilzak. He was a principle dancer in the San Francisco Opera (1935-1938.)

    Left the ballet to take over dancing lead in the musical 'Song Of Norway' as well as danced in many U.S.O. Shows. Appeared, Choreographed and danced in the TV Series Your Show of Shows which was first broadcast April 5, 1967. Starbuck passed away of Pancreatic Cancer in Beverly Hills, CA. in 1997.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Denver, CO 3/13/1912 - 8/13/1997 n/a n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet Imogene Coca n/a
Ballroom Jane Deering      
Folk Dance Maria Tallchief      
Jitterbug Tamara Toumanova      

Night Clubs



Waldorf-Astoria Adelphi Theater (1947) A Thurbor Carnival
      Alvin Theater (1958) Ancient Russia Ballet (1943)
      Anta Theater (1960) Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo (1943)
      Winter Garden (1950) Early To Bed
        Michael Todd's Peep Show (Chor, 1950)
            Music in My Heart (1947)
            O'Brien Girl
            Oh Captain (Chor, 1958)
            Song Of Norway (1944)
            The Merry Widow
            Winters Tale




1942 - Gay Parisian Admiral Broadway Revue (Chor, 1949) Book: 2002 - Your Show of Shows
1956 - The Court Jester DVD (Chor) Andy William's Show (Chor, 1962) 1954 - Life Magazine
      Night They Took Miss Beautiful (Chor, 1977)      
      $ Your Show of Show's , I , II (1950s)      
      $ Ten From Your Show of Shows      

  • NOTE: Betty Starbuck may be a relation?, she danced in Gay Divorce-1932, 1934-All The King's Horses