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The Groovie Juice Album Cover

Stage Name

Birth Name

Slim and Slam

Slam Stewart


Bulee 'Slim' Gaillard


     Slim & Sam were a novelty duo that formed in 1936, consisting of guitarist/singer Slim Gaillard and bassist Slam Stewart. Gaillard entered vaudeville in the early 1930's with an act during which he played the guitar while tap-dancing. Stewart did some early recording with his 'Slam Stewart Quintet' along with Red Norvo for Continental Records (Sepia Swing.)

   Slim was considered the father of the Voutie language (Jive - Speak) and is said to have invented the word 'Groovy'.  The pair's first recording together, "Flat Foot Floogie," would also be their biggest hit as well as being a swing dancers favorite song. Slam performed a pair of stunning duets with bassist Don Byas at a 1944 Town Hall concert. In 1945 Bam Brown would replace Stewart in the group as Stewart went into the Army.

Birth Place

Birth Date



n/a 1914 - 1987 n/a n/a
Detroit, Michigan (Slim) 1/4/1916 - 2/26/1991   Janis Gaillard

Dance Types

Dance/ Music Partners, etc.

Music Titles

Jitterbug Don Byas African Jive (1941)
Tap Dance Red Norvo Buck Dance Rhythm
      Slam Stewart Quintet Cuban Rumbarini (1945)
      Slam Stewart Trio   Dancing On The Beach
      ? Slim and Sweets (1943) $ Flat Feet Floogie (1938)
      Teddy Wilson Laughin' in Rhythm
            Slam, Don't Shake Like That (Byas)
            Slam-In-Around (Byas)
            Slamboree (Byas)
            Swingin in the Key of C (1939)
            That's a Drag
            Tutti Frutti
            Windy City Hop
            $1938-39 - Slim & Slam (CD)
            $ Burlesque in Jazz (CD)
            $ Cabu Collection (CD)
            $ Complete Columbia Master (CD)
            $ Groove Juice Special (CD)

Night Clubs



Billie Berg's Nightclub (L.A) n/a n/a
Millie's Boogie Woogie Club (L.A)            
Little Frisco Nightclub            
Patio Bar (Paris)            




1941 - Hellzapoppin' (Slim & Slam) 1979 - Roots ( Next Generation) $ Annual Review of Jazz Studies 3
$1942 - Star Spangled Rhythm Mission Impossible      
1942 - Almost Married Charlie's Angels      
1943 - Tap Happy ?            
1946 - Boy, What a Girl (Slam)            
1946 - Dunkin' Bagels            
1946 - Sweetheart of Sigma Chi            
1947 - O'Voutie O'Rooney            
1947 - Stairway for a Star            
1949 - Harlem Follies of 1949            
1954 - Go Man Go            
1961 - Too Late Blues            
1969 - Curious Female            
1984 - Memphis Slim at Ronnie            
1986 - Sky Bandit's            
1989 - Absolute Beginners            

  • NOTE: also Slam Stewart Trio and Slam Stewart Quintet