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Stage Name

Birth Name

" Skippy " Maybelle Stewart
Dolly Stewart Skippy Blair
Chic Stewart  

    Skippy's first twenty years of life started in Atlantic City. Blair was interested in singing and dancing and as a child in sang and danced in "Daddy Dave’s Kiddies Review" on the famous Steel Pier while only eight years old. During her Steel Pier performances in New Jersey and Philadelphia, Skippy picked up a lot of dance knowledge from the other performers. Skippy's father was a race car driver and avid Tap dancer who was killed when she was just a child. She would perform on Stage using the Stage Names Dolly Stewart and Chic Stewart.

     After her father died, her mother remarried a man named Bill Blair. Later while living in Quantico, Virginia, Maybelle took the Stage Name of Skippy Blair. Skippy Says: "I was singing and dancing for the USO and England General Hospital under the name of "Skippy." The marines at Quantico Virginia knew me only as Skippy. They knew Bill Blair as my father. When I showed up to do a show there (Quantico) they had surprised me by putting my name on the marquee. It said:: "One Night Only - In Person - Skippy Blair." Sure looked good to me and that became my permanent name. I actually used the name "Blair" starting in 1945. When I taught in Germany (about 1965) I had to have a Passport. In the process, I actually had my name legally changed to Skippy Blair."

     While in Virginia she met her future husband and would later have four children. In 1953 Blair returned to teaching at a local Arthur Murray's

Skippy Blair Autograph

Dance Studio In Long Beach, California and received her formal training there with Cha-Cha being her favorite dance. In 1958, Skippy opened her own studio which was in full operation for twenty-five years. Skippy obtained a Ph.D. in Philosophy in 1981. In 1991 and 1996, Skippy was honored with the California Swing dance Hall Of Fame Award. She has written her own music and wrote many books on dance.

     Skippy Blair is known as the dance teachers teacher. She has been active in the dance community since the 1930's. Devised and refined the "Universal Unit System" since 1958. Owner and Operator of "Dance Dynamics Studio" and "Golden State Dance Teachers Association" (GSDTA) in Downey, California.

    Skippy is a well respected dance adjudicator (Judge) in the dance community and has been judging her individually-run national competitions since 1961. She has been judging swing competitions since 1963, and performing arts competitions since 1975. As well as judged many early Star Balls in Southern California, in the American and International styles of Ballroom. Blair also coined (not invented the anchor) the popular term "anchor" to replace the coaster step at the end of each pattern originally done in Ballroom (Arthur Murray's) West Coast Swing.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Pleasantville, NJ 3/15/1924 Robert W. Armstrong Four Children

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballroom "Red Rex " (Los Angeles) n/a
Latin Dances            
Tap Dance            
West Coast Swing            

Night Clubs



Atlantic City, Clubs n/a 1932 - Daddy Dave's Kiddies Review
Steel Pier (Atlantic City)       1944 - Hayride ( Chor)
            1940's - Hecksapoppin'




n/a 1950s - Bob Barker Varieties ( Chor) $1978 - Disco to Tango and Back
            $1995 - Dance Terminology Notebook
            1997 - Dance Power

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