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Stage Name

Birth Name

Sammy Davis Jr.

Samuel George "Sammy" Davis, Jr.


   African American entertainer and only child to vaudeville dancers Sammy Davis Sr. and Elvera Sanchez. Sammy was primarily a dancer and singer, but was also known for his impersonations of actors and other celebrities. Davis started as a child vaudevillian who became known for his performances on Broadway and Las Vegas.

    At the age of three, Davis began his career in Vaudeville with his father as his teacher and "uncle" as "the Will Mastin Trio," as well as started his movie career. Toured nationally, and after military service, returned to the trio. Davis. He went on to become a world famous recording artist, television and film star. Davis was also a member of Frank

Sinatra's " Rat Pack".

    Davis was the victim of racism throughout his life, and was a large financial supporter of civil rights causes. Davis died of throat cancer in 1990.


Birth Place

Birth Date



New York City 12/8/1925 – 5/16/1990 Loray White 1 Daughter
    May Brit 3 Adopted children
      Lola Falana  

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballroom Gene Kelly 1969 - I've Gotta Be Me (#1 Hit)
Jazz Will Maston Trio (Sammy, Father & Uncle) 1972 - the Candy Man (#1 Hit)
Jitterbug       1976 - Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow (Baretta theme)

Night Clubs



Many Las Vegas Clubs n/a 1956 - Golden Boy
1951 - Ciro's   1956 - Mr. Wonderful
Frontier Casino (Vegas)    




1954 - Six Bridges to Cross 1962 - Judy Garland Show  
1956 - Meet me In Las Vegas (Frankie & Johnny Clip) 1964 - Hollywood Palace  
1960 - Oceans 11 [DVD] 1964 - Movin' With Nancy  
1962 - Sergeants Three 1965 - Dean Martin Show  
1964 - Robin and the Seven Hoods 1966 - The Sammy Davis Jr. Show  
2001 - The Rat Pack [DVD] 1967 - Danny Thomas Hour  


  Spingarn Medal (NAACP)  
  2001 - Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award  
  1987 - Kennedy Center Honors  
  1962 Grammy Award Nominee  

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