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Pat "Frisco" Rooney

Stage Name

Birth Name

'Frisco' Patrick Rooney Jr.

   Son of the silent screen actor Pat Rooney and Marion Bent. Pat "Frisco" Rooney said himself to be the first "Jazz dancer" (Actually Joe Frisco had already inaccurately claimed it before Rooney.) He helped create the the Waltz Clog with his father which was basically a Tap dance routine done to waltz time that became a fad in the early 1900's.

   Rooney was a vaudeville performer who performed with his father Pat Rooney Sr. in Vaudeville in the 1920's at the Palace Theater.  Joined the Army and was Honorably discharged in 1945.  Pat Jr. and his son Pat III were introduced by Bob Hope in August 3, 1933 at the Capitol Theatre, were they did a few numbers together.

   Later in life he owned and operated a restaurant called  'The Dog House'  in Bradford N.H. along with his wife as well as being a member of the Lake Sunapee Country Club.

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Birth Place

Birth Date



Chicago, IL. (Jr) 1909-1980's Estelle Wright (3rd) Pat Rooney III
New York, N.Y.(Sr) 1880-1962 Marion Bent (or Rent?) Pat Rooney Jr.

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Buck dance Emma Francis n/a
Clog Marion Bent (Rent?)      
Frisco, the (Waltz Clog) (See Joe Frisco) Mattie Rooney      
Waltz Clog (Frisco)        

Night Clubs



Lamb's Cafe Capitol Theatre 1919 - Rings Of Smoke
      Palace Theatre Orpheum Vaudeville (11/12/1906)
      Orpheum Theatre (1906)      




1927? - Oddities Revue n/a North County Times (V. Funk)
1929 - Marking Time (Jr and Sr.)          
1935 - Vaudeville Reel #4 (Jr and Sr.)          
1936 - Bashful Buddies            
1936 - Just the Type            
1936 - Rah! Rah! Rhythm            
1937 - Dates and Nuts            
1937 - Freshies            
1937 - Hold It!            
1937 - That's The Spirit            
1938 - Love and Onions (Comedy Classics)            
1938 - Two Reelers: Comedy Classics #7            
Comedy Masters of Yesteryear, V. 16            
Up In Lights (2 reel)            
Vaudeville Videos vol. 6 (JR & SR Dance)