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Natacha Rambova

Stage Name

Birth Name

Natacha Rambova Winifred Kimball Shaughnessy (Hudnut)

It has been reported of late that Shaughnessy was actually her biological father thru her birth certificate, but this does not prove biological birth.)

    Winifred jr. later used the Stage Name of Natacha Rambova and was said to be a lesbian, only marrying for convenience. Her marriage to Rudolph Valentino (1923) was said to have never been conceived, and she and the then famous silent film star/ director "Alla Nazimova" (Salome fame) were said to be lovers for several years ( Far longer than either of her marriages lasted.) However this seems to be a rumor, possibly started by Valentino rather than fact. It is reported today that she was extremely heterosexual, promiscuous, and only had affairs with extremely dashing men. ( As a side note: her sexual orientation, is really not of any importance. Historically, no one can really know for sure about another without factual documentation, sometimes they themselves are not sure what their orientation is, plus, a lot of things are Staged for publicity and can be very hard to figure many years later.)

    Rambova's mother's sister-in-law was Elsie de Wolfe, the world's first interior decorator, who took on Rambova's mother as her partner. Natacha designed her own ballet costumes, and later became a successful costume designer for Cecil B. De Mille, later designed Rudolph Valentino's image, costumes, and sets, and then became a writer/director.

    Rambova went on to become a playwright, an actress, and a spiritualist, with her huge labors in Egyptology winning praise. She died at the age of 69, of scleroderma, a disease that dried up her inner organs.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Salt Lake City, UT. 1/19/1897 - 6/5/1966 Alvaro de Urzaiz (1934) n/a
   Rudolph Valentino (1923)  

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Apache Rudolph Valentino n/a
Ballet Clifton Webb      
Ballroom Theodore Kosloff      

Night Clubs



n/a Empire Theater (1927) 1927 - Set a Thief



1917 - The Woman God Forgot 3/22/1927 - Movie Weekly Magazine
1920 - Why Change Your Wife ( Costumes) 8/1927 - Theater Magazine
1920 - Something to Think About 1991 - Madame Valentino by M. Morris
1920 - Billions $1997 - Nazimova: A Biography
1921 - Forbidden Fruit $1999 - Natacha Rambova
$1921 - Camille ( Art director, costumes)      
1922 - A Doll's House      
1922 - Beyond the Rocks      
1923 - Salome ( Costumes,) ( Nazimova)      
1924 - Monsieur Beaucaire      
1924 - The Sainted Devil      
1924 - The Young Rajah      
$1925 - Cobra Some Photos
$1941 - Blood and Sand      
$1944 - The Bridge of San Luis Rey ( Nazimova)      

  • NOTE: Also a set designer for Camille. Also, thanks to Connell O'Donovan for supplying more Bio info on Natacha.

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