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Rita Hayworth aka Rita Cansino promo photo

Stage Name

Birth Name

Rita Hayworth Margarita Carmen Cansino

   Rita started her career at an early age dancing with her famous dancing family 'The Dancing Cansino's'. Rita probably got her dancing skill from her father Eduardo Cansino, who was a famous Spanish dancer himself along with her mother Volga Haworth. They can be seen dancing as a family in 'Anna Case' and 'La Fiesta' in 1926 with an 8 year old Rita.

   By 13 years of age she was performing in her father's Stage acts with a movie career right around the corner. Rita, wanting to be a dancer, continued in show business and found acting a serious possibility. Not only did she become a dancer, she also became a famous actress and leading lady.

    Rita did not dance in all her movies but the ones she did were fabulous, especially with Fred Astaire. Legend has it that her beauty inspired the naming of a cocktail... 'The Margarita' and her face was painted on the nose of the plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. Rita died of Alzheimer's disease in 1987.

Rita Hayworth Autograph
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Birth Place

Birth Date



Brooklyn, NY 10/17/1918 - 5/14/1987 Edward Judson | Dick Hymes "Princess" Yasmin Kahn
    James Hill |  Orson Wells Rebecca Wells
      Prince Aly Khan  

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet Ceaser Romero 1999 - Rita Hayworth CD
Ballroom Dancing Cansinos 2001 - Rita - Gilded Promises CD
Spanish Dance Fred Astaire  
  Gary Leon  
  Jack Cole  
  Gabriel Cansino  

Night Clubs



1950s- Bimbos 365 Club n/a n/a


Theaters, etc.


Human Cargo ( As Rita Cansino) n/a 8/11/1941 - Life Magazine
1926 - Anna Case       7/1949 - Movie Life Magazine
1926 - La Fiesta     11/29/1942 - Parade Magazine
1934 - Crazy Diablo     10/10/1941 - Time Magazine
1935 - Dante's Inferno [DVD]     1/1942 - Film Fun Magazine
1935 - Under a Pampas Moon     12/1942 - Dance Magazine
1937 - Dancing Pirate [DVD]     7/15/1945 - Life Magazine
1937 - Paid To Dance     11/1953 - Modern Screen Magazine
1939 - Only Angels Have Wings [DVD]     2/1954 - Adam Magazine ( Cover)
1940 - Lady in Question, the [DVD]     10/1955 - Inside Story Magazine
1940 - Music in My Heart [DVD]     Book: 1983 - Rita Hayworth: A Memoir
1941 - Blood and Sand [DVD]     Book: 1993 - Rita Hayworth Her Story
1941 - Strawberry Blonde [DVD]     Book: 1995 - La Traicion De Rita Hayworth
1941 - You'll Never Get Rich [DVD]     Book: 1997 - If This was Happiness ( Rita Bio)
1942 - You Were Never Lovelier [DVD]     Book: 2001 - Rita Hayworth
1942 - Tales of Manhattan [DVD]     Book: 2001 - Rita Hayworth ... Photographic
1944 - Cover Girl [DVD]     Book: Rita -The Time, the Place, and the Woman
1945 - Tonight and Everynight [DVD]     Book: The Complete Films of Rita Hayworth
1946 - Gilda [DVD]     Book: The Life Of Rita Hayworth
1948 - Lady From Shanghai [DVD]          
1948 - Loves of Carmen ( DVD)          
1948 - Universal Newsreel (Khan Wedding)          
1952 - Affair in Trinidad [DVD]          
1952 - Champagne Safari [DVD]          
1953 - Miss Sadie Thompson [DVD]          
1955 - Salome [DVD]          
1957 - Fire Down Below [DVD]         
1957 - Pal Joey [DVD]     Rita as Gilda
1959 - They Came To Cordoba [DVD]    
1972 - Wrath Of God     
Rita Hayworth: Love Goddess [DVD]    
1999 - Rita Hayworth  [DVD]    
2000 - Anatomy of a Dancer [DVD]    

Rita Hayworth Cansino photo Rita Hayworth Cansino photo Rita Hayworth Cansino Rita Hayworth Cansino Rita Hayworth Cansino photo Rita Hayworth Cansino photo