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Picture of Historic Dancers Mary Raye and Naldi aka Mario Nordio. Ballroom dance History and Exhibition dancers

Stage Name

Birth Name

Mary Raye

Mary (Aloisio) Raye Naldi

Mario Naldi

Mario Nordio

Raye and Naldi

     Mary Raye originally danced with Valentino in a movie entitled the "Cobra." She became very famous for her dancing role with Rudolph Valentino.

     Later, Raye teamed up with Mario (Nordio) Naldi while dancing together in an act in Europe and decided to keep the Dance Partners Hip going, they were dancing together ever since. They became an outstanding Exhibition ballroom dance team and had been dancing in most of the upper-crest Night Clubs And hotels internationally as well as performed for the crowned heads of Europe with a command performance for the Queen of England.
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     August 10, 1948. WJZ-TV (WABC-TV)* New York NY, ch. 7, 7 p.m. The first WABC broadcast originated from the Palace Theater on Broadway with a four-hour show, one of the acts was Raye and Naldi. Performed for fifty-two straight weeks in a row at the Plaza Hotel. Mario died in Florida in 1988 and after his death, Mary moved to New Jersey to live with family, where she finally died in Barneget, NJ in 2003.

Birth Place

Birth Date



New Orleans, LA. (Mary) 3/14/1909-6/23/2003 Mario Nordio n/a
Venice, Italy (Mario) 11/1/1901-3/8/1988 Mary Raye  

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet Mae Murray  n/a 
Ballroom Rudolph Valentino      
Whirlwind Waltz            

Night Clubs



Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe 44th St Theater 1941 - The Silver Screen
Chez-Paree (Chicago) Radio City Music Hall 1941 - Crazy with Heat
Coconut Grove (L.A.) Roxy Theater (N.Y)      
Copacabana (NY)            
Gran Casino Nacional (Havana)            
Latin Quarters (NYC & Chicago)            
Monte Carlo (Deauville)            
Nice Cannes (London)            
Persian Room-Plaza (NY)            
Plaza Hotel's Rainbow Room (NY)            
Ritz Carlton (N.Y.)            
Royal Palm (FL.)            
Surf Club (FL.)            
Trocadero Ballroom (L.A.)            
Waldorf-Rainbow Room            




$1925 - Cobra ( DVD) n/a 9/1926 - Photoplay Magazine
1943 - Artists and Models            
1961 - A Very Private Affair            

  • NOTE: Special thanks to Raye and Naldi Relative Bobby Burgess for some additional info.