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Peggy & Cortez (Not Marlene)

Stage Name

Birth Name

| Estaban Cortez | Peggy and Cortez | Cortes Walter Haber
Peggy Marlene Mathias

    Peggy and (Estaban) Cortez where popular Spanish dancers in the 1920s and 1930s, danced in Puzzles of 1925 and New Moon musicals. Cortez danced with a few "peggy's" thru-out his dance career. Marlene and Haber danced together from 1938-45. and a family member believes he ended up in Louisiana towards the end of his career.

    Marlene and Cortez mostly traveled from NY to Baltimore, down to Louisiana to Mexico and up to Los Angeles.
Need information on this dance couple, can anyone help.

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Birth Place

Birth Date



(Marlene) Baltimore, MD. n/a Walter Haber ? Elizabeth Marlene Haber/Caso

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Spanish n/a n/a
The Ya-Ya            

Night Clubs



n/a Casino Theater (1929) 1920 - Always You
      Central Theater (1920) 1921 - Bombo
      Fulton Theatre (1925) 1923 - Nifties of 1923
      Jolson's 59th Street Theatre (1921) 1925 - Puzzles of 1925
      Imperial Theater (1930) 1929 - Boom Boom
            1930 - Nina Rosa
            1930 - New Moon




n/a n/a 5/1929 - Theater Magazine

  • NOTE: Cortez also listed as Cortes.