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Stage Name

Birth Name

Anna Pavlova Anna Matveyevna Pavlova

   Pavlova was a premature birth and as a child was often ill, suffering from measles, diphtheria and scarlet fever. Despite her frail physical weaknesses, Pavlova as a child was accepted into the Imperial School of Balletin 1891, and proved to be an exceptional student, ( She graduated there.) Enrico Cecchetti was Pavlova's main teacher.

     She first appeared on the Stage of the Maryinsky Theater, became a prima Ballerina in 1906, toured Stockholm, to Berlin in 1907 and made, her American debut in January of 1910 with Mordkin at the MET.In 1913, Pavlova left Russia, dancing with her own company, never to return. She did more for the American Ballet than any other one person, for millions of people at the time, Pavlova was the only time they ever heard the name Ballet .

     She danced in every part of the world and in one of her visits to the USA, she traveled over twenty six thousand miles, performing each day in each town for six months. Her performing schedule was so hectic that she went through a dozen pairs of toe shoes each week. Pavlova toured for over twenty years.

    Mr. Newman says: "Pavlova is thought to have married Victor d' Andre, but, this may have just been a rumor, however they were romantically engaged for a while and he did ask her to marry him at one time, but was reported to me that she rebuked him" (Leo newman)

     She also danced many Folk dances Of the time and tried to create social ballroom dances incuding the Pavlova Gavottein 1913 and the New Pavlova Gavotte in 1915 which was named after her which she danced with Ivan Clustine. Pavlova and Max Rabinoff created and danced the Czarina Waltz as a social dance.


Birth Place

Birth Date



St. Petersburg, Russia 1/31/1881 - 1/23/1931 Victor d'André n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners


Ballet Adolph Bolm 6/5/1909 - New York Herald
Ballroom Dances Alexandre Volinini 1913 - Anna Pavlova (Oscar Bie)
Czarina Waltz Diaghilev Company 9/1913 - Harper's Weekly
Interpretive Dances Edouard Borovansky 9/1913 - The Strand Mag.
Gavotte Enrico Cecchetti 2/1916 - New York Star
Pavlova Gavotte Hilda Butsova 1/1920 - Theater Magazine
Rondino Ivan Clustine 5/1922 - Beauty Magazine
      Laurent Novikoff 1923 - Literary Digest (Pavlova-Buddhist)
      Marcel Berge 3/1923- Shadowland Magazine
      Max Rabinoff (La Czarina) 1924 - Pavlova - Tazende Fusse (Dresdin)
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      Theodore Kosloff 1956 - Anna Pavlova catalog (London Musm.)
      Vasili Tikhomiroff Anna Pavlova (Keith Money)
      Vladimir Tikhomiroff  
      Stanislas Idzikowski (Pavlova's Teacher)  

Night Clubs



n/a Boston Theatre (1915) Many Ballets
      Chatelet Theater Swan Lake
      Imperial School Of Ballet      
      Imperial Theater      
      Marinsky Theater      
      The MET      
      Palace Theater (4/26/1911)      
      Paris Opera House      
      Savoy Hotel - London      



Music Titles

1916 - Dumb Girl of Portici n/a Glow Worm (Lincke)
9/29/1930 - Pathe Newsreel: Madame Pavlova at Home       Gavotte Pavlova
2/16/1931 - Pathe Newsreel: Pavlova A Memory        
1950 - Herrliche Zeiten        
1953 - Tonight We Sing ( Toumanova )            
$ 1983 - Pavlova            
1985 - That's Dancing            
$ 2001 - Anna Pavlova            

  • NOTE: The Ivy House in Hampstead, London became her permanent address.
  • Her name in Russian is spelled/Pronounced: änn mtvyavn pävlv.
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