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Georges Jean Noverre Photo

Stage Name

Birth Name

Georges Jean Noverre

Georges Jean Noverre

    His father was an adjutant of Charles XII of Sweden. Noverre learned dance from Louis Dupre and Martel and later studied Mime with David Garrick while in England.

    Jean Georges Noverre was a famous French Choreographer and reformer of the Ballet and was the father of the Action Ballet ( Ballet d' action.) Noverre made his debut at the Market Theater in Paris in 1743 and later in Potsdam. Noverre Staged his first ballet at the Opera Comique called Les Fetes Chinoises in 1749. Noverre was the ballet master in Stuttgart for the Wuerttemberg Ballet in 1760 and later the Paris Opera in 1776 thanks to Marie Antoinette ( He was her teacher.) During his life he wrote more than 150 Ballets.

    Noverre is credited as adding many principles to the ballet that are still used today. His dislike for the Masks, used in many of the ballets, led him to produce ballets without the use of masks, which finally caught on and finally be discontinued by 1773 when the famous dancer Maximillien Gardel discarded his mask in his performances at the Paris Opera, today no masks are used. Noverre died in Saint-Germain, France.


Birth Place

Birth Date



Paris, France 4/29/1727 - 10/19/1809 n/a n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet David Garrick n/a
Court Didelot  
Mime Louis Dupre  
  Marie Antoinette  
  Marie Guimard  

Night Clubs



n/a King's Theater 1749 - Les Fetes Chinoises
      Market Theater 1774 - Iphigenie en Tauris
      Paris Opera 1776 - et Eucharis Euthyme
      Potsdam 1776 - Les Horaces
      Teatro Regio Ducale 1793 - The Loves of Tempe
      Wurttemberg Ducal Theater (1760) La Fontaine des Jouvences
            Medée et Jason

Films (VHS/DVD)



$ Jean George's Noverre - Medea n/a $ Lettres sur la danse et sur les ballets (1760)
            Euthyme, et Eucharis (1775)
            $ Briefe èuber die Tanzkunst und èuber die
            $ Tanzmeister und Dichter
            $ The chevalier Noverre
            Letters on Dancing and Ballets (beaumont)

  • NOTE: the 29th of April is The International Dance Day which is celebrated each year to commemorate the birth of Noverre.