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Martha Raye

Stage Name

Birth Name

Martha Raye Margaret Teresa Yvonne Reed
       Martha Raye was an actress, popular singer, very funny comedienne as well as a pretty darn good dancer with a set of very sexy legs. Martha started her career at the age of three in Vaudeville shows with her parents where she would sing and dance. This usually is not a problem but Martha recieved very little schooling and is said to have not been able to read very well, however, this later changed and did not stand in her way. Her first film appearance came in a band short entitled 'A Nite in a Nite Club' in 1934. She can be scene dancing with Dean Collins, ( Legendary swing dancer) in the film 'Hellzapoppin' as well as dancing a solo comedy routine in the 'Big Broadcast'.    

    She began entertaining the troops during WWII in 1942 ( Before the USO) and continued into the Vietnam conflict. She also was given the honorary rank of lieutenant colonel in the special forces for her dedication to the troops.  

 Martha married a whopping seven times between 1937 and 1991, most of her marriages lasting less than two years. In October of 1955, Secret Life Magazine did an article of "Why Martha Raye Cant Stay Married." She Succumbed to pneumonia and died in Beverly Hills.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Butte Montana 8/27/1916 - 10/19/1994 Bud Westmore (1937) Melodye Raye Condos
    David Rose  
    Neal Lang  
    Nick Condos  
    Ed Bageley  

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballet Dean Collins If You Can't Sing It, Youll have to Swing It
Ballroom Caesar Romero Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate
Jitterbug / Swing    

Night Clubs



Trocadero ( Hollywood) Shubert Theater 1934 - Calling All Stars
Palladium ( London) Radio City Music Hall ( Jumbo) 1940 - Hellzapoppin'
    1941 - Hold Onto Your Hats
    1960s - Hello Sucker
    1962 - Jumbo
    1964 - Solid Gold Cadillac
    1967 - Hello Dolly




1934 - Night in a Nightclub A&E Biography 2/26/1938 - Radio Guide
1936 - Rhythm On The Range Milton Bearle Buick Show 3/1938 - Radio Mirror
1937 - Artists and Models 1950 - Four Star Revue 3/22/1955 - Look Magazine
1937 - Big Broadcast of 1954/56 Martha Raye Show 2/1956 - Lowdown Magazine
1937 - WaiKiKi Wedding 1962 - Andy Williams Show 1958 - USO All Star Xmas
1938 - Big Broadcast of 1970 - Boogaloo's 1/15/1954 - TV Guide
1938 - Tropic Holiday    
1937 - Double or Nothing    
1938 - College Swing    
1938 - Swing Teacher Swing    
1941 - Hellzapoppin'    
1941 - Navy Blues  


1942 - Monsieur Verdoux   Memories of Maggie
1944 - Four Jills in a Jeep    
1944 - Pin Up Girl    
1981 - Pippin ( Fosse, Vereen)    
1985 - Alice in Wonderland    


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