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Miriam Lavelle Patterson, age 17 (courtesy Miriamlevelle webiste)

Stage Name

Birth Name

Miriam Lavelle Miriam Lavelle Patterson
(Lavelle, LaVelle and La Velle)  

    Daughter of Mrs. J A Patterson of Crum Lynne, Cheste PA. Miriam started her dancing to treat a foot ailment at the age of three. Becoming skilled at dancing performed in various dance school recitals and school events.

    Danced in numerous spectacles, shows and events as a child doing mainly solo Gymnastic mat and ring performances as well acrobatic dance exhibitions with her mother in tow.

    Possibly moving to St. Louis, Missouri in her early teens and later by age fifteen was in New York starting her professional career on the New York stage in the early 1940's. While working at the Strand Theatre on Broadway, she was spotted by Hollywood Talent scouts working for MGM and was signed to contract for the film "Meet The People" at age 17. As of this writing she is known to have only been in four films and 1 short film, but more may surface as time goes on.

    References to Miriam LaVelle have been found in Billboard Magazine and American newspapers published between 1942 and 1950 and after 1950, she disappears from the scene probably due to most of the theatres and nightclubs that she was working in either closed down, became movie theatres or became more of a Burlesque in nature and her type of dance routines unfortunately became a thing of the past, unless she wanted to wear pasties, which I doubt she did. It is said she married and in the Ed Wynn clip looks as if she might have had a child. So she maybe gave up the satge for home life, dunno for sure. One site says that she passed in 1958.

    The Website (where most of this page info and photo comes from) is actively seeking help on obtaining more information on her, so in thanks for supplying info ( Which I know the pain it can be locating info on dancers) I am helping by asking you to contact him if you have further information ... The Miriam Lavelle pages: Link....or EMail him here. More will be added here as I find it as well.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Chester, Pennsylvania B.1927-?1958? Yes n/a
    n/a n/a

Dance Types

Dance with

Music Titles

Acrobatic Al White Beauties 1935 - The Grasshopper (sang)
Adagio Beatrice Kraft Dancers  
Ballet Gene Kelly      
Frucca, the Rita Hayworth    
Gymnastic (Mat, Bar, Trapeze, etc)        
Tap Dance        

Night Clubs


Stage, studios etc

Chez Paree (Chicago 1947) 44th Street Theatre (1942 NY) 1935 - C.T.A. Minstrels
Copacabana (New York) Capitol Theatre (NY) 1935 - Dougherty Sisters School of Dancing
Colonial Inn (Florida 1947) Crystal Terrace (1945 St Louis) 1941 - Sunny River
Nicky Blair's Carnival Room Golden Gate Theater (San Francisco) 1942 - Bambi
      Oriental theatre (Chicago 1944) 1942 - Dear Diary
    Roxy Theatre (NY) 1942 - Keep 'em Laughing
    St. James theatre (1941 NY) 1942 - My Dear Public
    Strand Theatre (NY) 5/1944 - George White Scandals (Chicago)
            1946 - Nicky Blairs - Carnival

Video Clips (pop-up)




Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
1943 - Gangs All Here 1946 - Hour Glass 4/18/1942 - Billboard Magazine
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
1944 - Cover Girl 1949 - Ed Wynn Show(Clip) 6/13/1943 - Chicago Daily Tribune
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
1944 - Meet The People       6/15/1946 - Billboard Magazine
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
1944 - Seven Days Ashore     6/24/1946 - Life Magazine
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
1946 - Let Me Love you Tonight(VodVil short)     1/19/1947 - Miami News (Adv)
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.       1/14/1950 - Spokane Daily Chronicle

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