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Stage Name

Birth Name

Frank Mazzone ?Frank Mazzone?

    Frank Mazzone was a heavyweight in the world of Apache Dance. He started in the 1920's with "Gypsy Abbott," his dance and business partner for many years ( They maybe married, not sure, also maybe related to Bud Abbott?). Later he formed the Les Mazzone Apaches and the Abbotts Dancers. The abbotts dancer's would sometimes consist of 3 or more girls and sometimes a few males including Mazzone all doing the Apache dance.

    Mazzone was hired to do his French Underworld act with the Abbott dancers at Lou Walters Latin Quarter in 1942 and was a very big hit. Mazzone also danced or staged many of the movies that used the Apache dance, many times being

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    the star of the act. Mazzone's act including many break-away props. His act often ended up with him climbing up stairs, falling on a keg of beer and being killed at the end.

Birth Place

Birth Date



n/a n/a Gypsy Abbott ? n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Acrobatic Gale Storm n/a
Apache Dance Gypsy Abbott (1923)[+]  


  Abbotts Dancers      
      Les Mazzone Apaches      
      The Mazzone-Abbott Dancers      

Night Clubs



Ballet   5/2/1942 - Billboard Magazine (pg12)
Ballroom   3/1/1944 - Billboard Magazine (pg27)
    1/25/1947 - Billboard Magazine (pg37)
    9/3/1949 - Billboard Magazine (pg36)

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clip not available 1931 - Fine and Dandy (Gypsy Abbott) w/Betsi Rees 11/29/1949 - Texaco/Buick-Milton Bearle Show (e2.11)
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
1938 - Montmarte Madness - Les Apaches( Short) Frank Mazzone 6/20/1951 - All-Star Review (e.138)
clip not available 1949 - It's A Great Feeling (The Mazzone-Abbott Dancers) 1957 - the Gale Storm Show "A Touch of Paris"
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
1955 - The Mummy (Abbott & Costell) Frank Mazzone & Abbott Dancers      
Viewable thru a Youtube Video Pop-up window.
1957 - the Gale Storm Show "A Touch of Paris"    
NOTE: n/a

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