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Mata and Hari doing a Pantomime

Stage Name

Birth Name

Mata and Hari

Otto Ulbricht

(Eugene Hari | Ruth Mata)

Meta Krahn

    Dancers of skill, energy, subtlety and imagination were the terms used to describe Mata and Hari. Ruth Mata (meta Krahn) studied the Isadora Duncan style of dance in high school and Eugene Hari (Otto Ulbricht) studied Acrobatics. Both had the same professional Ballet training with Volkart in Zurich, modern dance with Mary Wigman and Rudolf Von Laban in Berlin, satirical and mime with Trudi Schoop and acrobatics and tap.

   Ruth Mata began her dance career by giving own modern and interpretive dances in recitals, supper clubs etc. and Eugene by acrobatics in Theatres and nightclubs. Both joined Schoop's company and toured in Europe and North America, later married and teamed.

   Their first major US appearance was in the Straw Hat Revue. In the 1950's they danced on the television show "Your Show of Shows" with Bambi Lynn, Rod Alexander, The Hamilton Trio and Nelle Fisher and Jerry Ross. Hari appeared in most of the televisions shows.

   All dances were their own choreography including the circus acrobats, the Hindu Fakir, On Display, Blues, Oh, Two Ways to Heaven, Pas de Deux, Sports newsreel and more.  
Mata Hari Autograph

Birth Place

Birth Date



Switzerland (H) n/a to each other n/a
Switzerland (M) n/a            

Dance Types

Dance Partners, etc.

Music Titles

Jazz Bambi Linn n/a
Ballet, as De Deux Danny KAYE ( Straw Hat Revue)      
Mime Hamilton Trio, the      
Apache Dance Imogene Coca      
Swan Lake Routine James      
Carnegie Hall Routine Nelle Fisher and Jerry Ross      
      Rod Alexander      

Night Clubs



1957 - Empire Room ( Chicago) National Theatre (New York, NY) 1946 1935 - Fridolin On the Road
Many Clubs       1935 - Want Ads
        1939 - Straw Hat Revue
            1944 - Laughing Room Only
        1946 - Jacobs Pillow
            12/1946 - Mata and Hari Special
        12/15/1946 - N.Y. Times
        12/16/1946 - N.Y. Times
            1967 & 1969 - Jacobs Pillow
        An Evening of Dance Theater
        Violets Over Broadway




1944 - Meet the People 1950s - Your Show of Shows 12/1948 - Glance Mag ( Girlie Mag)
1946 - Musical Laughing Room Only       8/1944 - Esquire Magazine
1957 - Pinocchio ( Fish Puppets)            
  • NOTE: Mata Hari" was another dancer who was a spy and was executed as such, she was no relation to this duo of Mata & Hari.

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