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Stage Name

Birth Name

Maude Allan(Misspellings) Ulah Maude Allen Durrant
Maude Allen  

   Maude Allen studied music at an early age with Miss Lichenstein in Toronto. Moving to San Francisco in 1877 and attended Lincoln High School in San Francisco. By the age of nineteen, Maude was teaching piano as a private music teacher. In 1895 Maude went to Berlin and studied music even more and made a name for herself. In the Summer of 1902 Maude takes up her new love ... painting. Maude was an avid classic Greek dancer, who often danced barefoot in a loose Greek Gown.

   Maude Allen's Brother Theodore was arrested for murder and found guilty in November 1895 for a gruesome double murder. It was billed as the Crime of The Century, her brother was hanged at San Quentin on 1/7/1898.

   In 1906 Maude sees Oscar Wilde's play 'Salome' and is enchanted by the play to the extent that she designs her own very successful theatrical version called 'The Vision Of Salome' which had it's

debut in Vienna on December 29, 1906. The play went on the road and was banned in Munich by a local group. Allen's "Vision of Salome" was a rave success and made her a star. It has been said that 'she did not dance to music, she danced music'. She became internationally known as 'The Salome Dancer.'

   She would travel extensively and start her own Concert Agency, plus the Maude Allen Symphony Orchestra ( With dancers.) While staring in ( Wilde's) Salome, Allen sues Noel Pimberton Billing in a liable case for slander, thus starting her 'Black Book Case' which Billing would later end up ruining her career, as she could not break the chains of being a sister to a murderer and ( Wicked) Salome dancer. Her case failed and she would be billed as a lewd, unchaste and an immoral woman by the press ( Which she was not.)

   In 1930-1942, Allen opened the West Wing School of Dance for slum children to learn dance in N.Y. And in 1937 opens the West Wing School of Art in London for underprivileged kids.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Toronto, Canada 4/23/1873 - 11/7/1956 Never Married n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Dance of Salome 1921 - Billed with Tamara Karsavina ( Coliseum) Mendelsohn's Spring Song n/a
Interpretive Dance      
Classic Greek Dance 1932 - Leonide Massine ( Miracle)      
      1932 - Tilly Losch ( Miracle)      
      1932 - The Barker ( One week lead)      
      Loie Fuller      

Night Clubs



n/a 1906 - Palais de Varieties ( Paris) 1906 - Vision Of Salome
      1906 - Palace Theater ( London) 1911 - Khamma
      1912 - Independent Theater 1916 - Nair the Slave ( Orchestra)
      1916 - Palace Theater ( N.Y) 1918 - Salome ( Oscar Wilde's)
      1921 - London Coliseum 1932 - The Miracle
      1923 - Alhambra Theater ( London)      
      1925 - Met. Opera House ( NY)      
      1926 - Hollywood Bowl ( CA)      
      1932 - Manchester Rep. Theater      




1908 - The Great Salome Dance (tyler films) n/a 10/1906 - My Life and Dancing ( Maude Allen)
1915 - The Rugmaker's Daughter   10/1907 - Deutsches Abeblatt
1917 - The Moth       1/2/1908 - Leipzig: Illustrierte Zeitung
1922 - Foolish Wives?       4/6/1910 - San Francisco Chronicle
1931 - The Smiling Lieutenant       4/6/1910 - San Francisco Examiner
1935 - The Cowboy Millionaire       book- Salome and the Head ( By Edith Nesbitt)
1935 - Whispering Smith Speaks       book - Maudie ( Pornographic) by unknown
1935 - It's In The Air       $Book - Salome by Oscar Wilde /Beardsley
$1936 - Show Boat Maude Allan in Salome.
1936 - The Captain's Kid
$1936 - San Francisco
1937 - Secret Valley
$1938 - Painted Desert
1938 - Vacation from Love
1939 - Invisible Stripes
$1939 - Let Freedom Ring
1939 - The Woman
1939 - When Tomorrow Comes
1940 - Danger Ahead
1940 - Black Diamonds
$1940 - Young Tom Edison
$1942 - I Married and Angel
1942 - Jukebox Jenny
  • NOTE: Many thanks go to Felix Cherniavsky for his contributions to this page and the books he has written on this dancer/Actress and for donating some of his material to this page. If you are interested in Maude Allen or Salome, his books are invaluable.

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