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Mae West Photo

Stage Name

Birth Name

Mae West Mae Jane West
Baby Vamp (as a child)  
" When I'm good, I'm very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better."... Mae West

    "The Lady with the Famous Walk" started her career in Vaudeville at a very young age. Studied dance as a child with Ned Wayburn and would be billed as the "Baby Vamp." Would later star in movies, and made her big screen debut in 1932 in the movie entitled "Night after Night." Her last film before censorship forced her out of Hollywood was "The Heat Is On" in 1943. It would be over twenty years before she made another film.

    She would later appear on television and write her own plays / manuscripts, such as "Sex" (1926) for which she would be arrested. It is said she created the " Shimmy Sha Wabble" dance (aka The Shimmy.) However Gilda Gray is the more popular theory due thru her use of Advertising. Mae West would later challenge Gray and Bee Palmer's claim by stating it was her who first did the Shimmy and Palmer and Gray copied her and capitalized on it. West goes on to say "she didn't care as she wanted to be known as an actress not a dancer." However the "Bulfrog Hop" song written in 1908 pre dates Gray's, Palmer and West's stories by 10 years.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Brooklyn, NY 8/17/1893 - 11/22/1980 Frank Wallace n/a

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballroom George Raft n/a
Black Bottom            
Shimmy Sha Wabble            

Night Clubs



Vaudeville, Burlesque, Broadway n/a 1928 - Diamond Lil




$1932 - Night after Night     n/a 4/1934 - Picture Play Magazine
$1933 - She Done Him Wrong       9/1934 - Chillicothe Constitution-
Tribune(West Interview)
$1933 - I'm No Angel      
$1934 - Belle of the Nineties       1941 - Radio Stars Magazine(Cover)
$1935 - Goin to Town       $ 3 Plays by Mae west ... Sex, the
$1936 - Go West Young Man       $ When I'm Bad I'm Better
$1936 - Klondike Anne       $ The Wit and Wisdom of Mae West
$1937 - Everyday's a Holiday       $ Mae West ... A Bio
$1940 - My Little Chickadee            
$1943 - The Heats On            
1970 - Myra Breckinridge            
$1978 - Sextette            
$ Mae West and the Men Who            
$1998 - Intimate Portrait ... Mae            

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