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Mae Murray and Edmund Frazer in Peacock Alley 1922

Stage Name

Birth Name

Mae Murray Marie Adrienne Koenig
"The Girl with the Bee-Stung Lips" ( Jeannie L. Spaulding)
"The Gardenia of the Screen"  

    The five foot four inch (5' 4") tall, blue eyed 110lb. Mae Murray started her career dancing with Vernon Castle in the 1906 Broadway play "About Town." After the run of the show she became a a Ziegfeld Chorus Girl, then a " Ziegfeld Girl" in 1908 portraying one of the " Nell Brinkley Bathing Girls" and by 1915 was one of the star performers, she stayed with the Follies off and on until 1916. Reportedly, Mae went to Paris to study the popular dances of the day and made a name for herself while there, when she returned, the nightclubs quickly started billing her and her ballroom dances. In 1916 Murray went on to become a movie star. She began her movie career with the film "To Have and To Hold" and would gain the nickname "The Girl with the Bee Stung Lips."    In 1918 she would be paired up with Rudolph Valentino in two movies and later with John Gilbert in the movie titled "The Merry Widow" which made her a Hollywood celebrity. Murray was reportedly the creator of the dance "Cinquante-Cinquante." Mae would eventually get married to Robert Leonard in 1918-? and Prince David Mdivani in 1926-1933. Her movie career faded due to an "unattractive" voice in the Talkies( Pictures with sound) as well as her divorce from her 4th husband "prince" David Mdivani.
Mae Murray Autograph
More Photos
Mae died desolate and insane in 1965 in Woodlnad Hills, Ca. She would often be found wandering the streets, talking to herself and screaming out loud that she was still as star. She is buried, Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park, North Hollywood, CA.

Birth Place

Birth Date



Portsmouth, VA 5/10/1883(9) - 3/23/1965 Lewis Putnam Strang (1908-10) n/a
            Robert Z. Leonard      
        'Prince' David Mdivani    

Dance Types

Dance Partners

Music Titles

Ballroom Amy Revere   n/a  
Charleston Clifton Webb      
Cinquante-Cinquante Edmund Frazer(Pictured above)      
Foxtrot John Gilbert      
Jazz Julian Mitchell(Vampire Dance)      
Merry Widow Waltz Rudolph Valentino      
Tango Vernon Castle      
Vampire Dance Wallace McCutcheon    

Night Clubs



Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe Club Apollo Theatre (1910) 1906 - About Town
Jardin de Danse (1913) Park Palace (6/4/1923) 1908 - 1915/16 - Ziegfeld Follies
      Shubert Theater 1910 - The Follies of 1910
      Union Theatre (10/29/1923) 1913 - Her Little Highness ( W/ McCutcheon)
      Wintergarden Theatre (NY 1910) 1923 - The French Idol
    Ziegfeld Theater 1923 - Jazzmania
          1914 - Follies Marigny ( Shubert)
        1941 - The Silver Screen



1915 - Watch Your Step ( Replaced Irene Castle) 5/25/1910 - NY Times Section
1916 - To Have and to Hold 1920 - The Little Movie Mirror Book
1917 - A Mormon Maid 1921 #4- Filmjournalen
1919 - Delicious Little Devil ( Valentino) 9/1926 - Photoplay Magazine
1919 - Big Little Person ( Valentino) 3/1/1938 - Look Magazine
1920 - On With The Dance The Self-Enchanted Mae by Murray
Jane Ardmore ( Supposed bio)
1921 - The Gilded Lady
$1922 - Peacock Alley 12/1975 - Films In Review Magazine
1922 - Broadway Rose      
1923 - Fashion Row      
1923 - The French Doll ( La Rocque) Mae Murray
1923 - Jazzmania ( La Rocque)
1924 - Circe The Enchantress
1924 - Mademoiselle Midnight
1925 - The Merry Widow ( John Gilbert)
1925 - Midshipman
$1928 - Show People
$1931 - Bachelor Apartment
$1997 - Vaudeville -DVD
? - There's A crowd


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